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Obviously this is for halloween time, but carving a pumpkin can be great fun.Definitely invest in a “pumpkin carving kit” at a local grocery store because they are cheap and have lots of tools that make it MUCH easier than using your kitchen knife.

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Rather than wasting your time watching another TV show together because you can’t think of anything better to do, why not use one of these ideas to throw some spice in to your love life?Use the tag cloud on the right to sort through this list of ideas and find the one that’s appropriate for the kind of date you’re trying to plan. Let us know if you have a good idea and we will list it here!Also, be sure to check out our new list of Valentines Day date ideas!Dallin and Katie It can be pretty comical (and impressive) to see what kind of clothes you can get at a thrift store for $5.Just wander around and ask car owners about their ride — they get all excited and love to tell you.Then if you’re not really impressed, you can go away and make fun of them!

There are all kinds of races — pick one that you will both like. It was a little pricy, but one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen (as someone who didn’t grow up around those kinds of things). I’m not a funny guy, so I like to go to comedy clubs to get the laughter going.

Once your date is in the mood, you can keep him/her laughing and smiling all night.

Pick out outfits for each other (or for yourself) using no more than a pre-set budget ($5 is plenty), then wear the outfits to do one of the other date ideas (bowling, ice skating, etc) Drive ins are often old and run down but that’s a lot of the fun!

Make sure you bring a truck or a big SUV (cars just aren’t as fun) and a lot of pillow/blankets.

You can buy pizza or food and drinks elsewhere and bring it in to avoid using the snackbar (expensive, too). Again they don’t happen all of the time, but when they come you don’t want to miss them.

Air force bases put on the best shows, and often times there are planes parked on the ground that you can walk around and look in. They have these all of the time too, if you’re watching for them.

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