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But although the government succeeded in getting rid of these basic human rights, it couldn’t prevent its people from falling in love.

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However I got success to change the ROM Date in ( hardcoded too ) but the main problem is - So you see, the ROM Date format is in M/DD/YY and I cannot write more then 9 digit ( i.e 10, 11 or 12 ).I have also verified someother devices but thay are having MM/DD/YY but why only wizard...I have wasted many hours to find the solve but until now could not. BTW; Today I got an of a t-mobile wizard stock/shipped ROM and it has MM/DD/YY but when I use in my custom ROM, device sucks at 3rd splash screen. The show originally scheduled for November 2nd has been moved to January 7th, 2014. It is under these doctors’ orders that the she postpones her scheduled Twin Cities date. It became clear after further consultation with her doctors today that more rest is required for her to fully recover from inflamed vocal chords and laryngitis.

Hello everyone, I'm facing some strange issue, which is easy to see but very hard to solve.

Its the ROM Date shown in device info and it reads the data from

Love is the most basic feeling a human can possess.

But just because people are faced with difficult challenges in North Korea, does not mean they cannot make time for love.

So it shouldn’t surprise you that even North Koreans want to love and be loved.

When I lived in Pyongyang, we couldn’t travel around the country and didn’t have any freedom of speech.

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