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Andrews, will be found in Konx’s most famous book, “The History of the Reformation in Scotland”. Andrews, a stronghold and place of refuge for many Protestants, in July of 1547, the castle was seized by outside forces and John Knox became a French galley-slave for nineteen months.There he experienced hardships and miseries which are said to have permanently injured his health.

There, he is stated to have studied under John Major, one of the greatest scholars of his time. He was ordained to the priesthood at some date prior to 1540, when his status as a priest is first mentioned.John Knox first publicly professed the Protestant faith about the end of 1545.His mind had in all probability been directed to that faith for some time before the change was avowed.The immediate instrument of his actual conversion was probably George Wishart, who, after a period of banishment, returned to his native country in 1544, to perish, within two years, at the stake, as the last and most illustrious of the victims of Cardinal Beaton.Among other places where he preached the Reformed doctrines Wishart had come to East Lothian in Dec., 1545, and there he made Knox's acquaintance.John Knox was first called to the Protestant ministry at St.

Andrews, which was throughout his life intimately associated with the Reformer's career. Of course, he had been already ordained as a priest in the Church of Rome.

A detailed account of the whole proceedings connected with his call to the ministry, together with a report of the first sermon he delivered in St.

John Knox is considered to be the greatest Reformer in the history of Scotland.

The exact place and date of his birth is not known with certainty, but it is generally accepted to be Giffordgate, 16 miles east of Edinburgh, in 1513 to 1514. His father was William Knox, who fought at the Battle of Flodden, and his mother was an educated woman named Sinclair.

John Knox is the author of “The History of the Reformation in Scotland”, and Knox was also a key contributor to the publication of the "Bible of the Protestant Reformation", the 1560 Geneva Bible.

The name “John Knox” is first recorded among the records of the University of Glasgow, where Knox enrolled in 1522. How long John Knox remained at college is uncertain.