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Back then, we believed that there was nothing we could do about our disapproval of the advisor-advisee affair. There was no administrative office at the university for complaints about such things, and my department didn't even have a graduate program advisor. ) universities have at one administrator whose job it is to deal with these situations and who are also sensitive to the possible consequences for the other advisees and for the student involved in the relationship.

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The best time to date your professor, if at all, is after you have graduated from school.While it is true that some students have been able to date their professors without any problems, this is the exception rather than the rule.Some of the problems inherent in dating your professor are: Even if the relationship ends amicably it would be difficult to know for sure if your grade was influenced by the professor’s personal feelings, and it might still be awkward to be in any of his/her classes in the future.Information obtained from the University of California, Santa Cruz.A postdoc wrote to me about her discomfort with the fact that her supervisor is "involved" with one of his own grad student advisees, a former undergrad who then became this professor's grad student.Not surprisingly, the situation makes everyone else in the research group uncomfortable. When I was a grad student, I was very uncomfortable with the fact that my advisor was having an affair with one of his own students.

I had just started grad school when this going on, but some of the more senior students wondered how it would affect their letters of recommendation; they were applying for the same faculty jobs as this woman. ): One of these advisees later lost a tenure-track position because he was "involved" with female students.

He was in the wrong era and/or at the wrong institution to be able to emulate our ex-advisor without consequences.

Further guidance on the possible implications of students dating their professors is available on their website.

Teaching assistants cannot have evaluative, supervisory, or instructional authority (including the assignment of grades) over a student with whom the teaching assistant is having or has recently had a romantic or sexual relationship.

If such a relationship exists or has existed between a teaching assistant and a student over whom the teaching assistant has evaluative or supervisory authority, the teaching assistant must report the relationship to his or her department chair, dean, or Dean of The Graduate School.

Learn more about the special rules for teaching assistants and consensual relationships with students.

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