Dating rules bullshit

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At the end of 2014, Billboard changed the rules that govern the charts to reflect the way we’re now listening to music.It was the biggest upheaval in the way that information is collected since 1991, when hard sales data replaced the risible surveying of a limited number of record outlets up and down the country.

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From Drake and Zayn to Kanye and James Blake, 2016 has been littered with albums marred by ridiculous run-times, each spanning over 17 tracks.Are artists getting more ambitious, or is there a cynical reason behind the bloat?Jeremy Allen unpicks America’s nonsensical new streaming rules that suggest it’s the latter. Not according to the showbiz glitterati who’ve dominated the music landscape so far in 2016.For every lean Rihanna and Radiohead blockbuster release clocking in at 13 and 11 tracks long respectively, there’ve been two or three more big albums that drag on for an hour and then some. spans “an obnoxious 82 minutes”, as one reviewer pointed out, stretching to 20 tracks of auto-tuned naval gazing with little in the way of tempo variation.And at the risk of being hounded off Twitter by a mob of angry Directioners, Zayn Malik’s March debut album So what’s going on here?Have superstars suddenly got clingy and started baring their souls and over-sharing with us, the aural equivalent of hanging onto our leg with both arms as we attempt to walk away?

Or could there be another reason a pop protagonist might pass off a boring, bloated mess as their highly-anticipated new release?

For the real culprit, we need look no further than chart compilers Billboard, in cahoots with industry bodies Nielsen Sound Scan and the RIAA – although encouraging artists to dispense with all quality control looks to be an inadvertent side effect.

There will always be cynics calling for Drake to shut his mouth a few bars into the opening track, but even a superfan must feel a sense of relief when ‘Hotline Bling’ – bolted onto the end – strikes up nearly an hour and a half later.

Aubrey man, has nobody ever told you it’s not the size, it’s what you do with it?

Drake is far from the only offender, though he’s probably the easiest to take the piss out of.

A$AP Rocky’s dismissed as “unreasonably long: a little over an hour and a quarter” by the eminently reasonable New York Times.