Dating sims for psp

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Dating sims for psp - Adult Chat Rooms

First, before doing anything else enable the testing Cheats Enabled code, you can do this in the following manner: Open the console by pressing Control + Shift + C.You'll see a blue bar at the top of the game, this is the console.

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Now lets take a look at some of the additional features this just opened up, beginning with the Shift-click cheats.And if you have any hints and tips of your own to share please add them to The Sims 3 Hints page.You can read other player's hints for The Sims 3, and add your own to help other Sims 3 gamers.Most of the options above should be pretty self-explanatory.This page is in addition to the main Sims 3 Cheats page to help further clarify the cheat options that are available when using the testing Cheats Enabled true cheat.For a full list of cheats for The Sims 3 see the following pages: Using the 'testing Cheats Enabled true' cheat allows a ton of option to become available to you.

Many of these options are available either by typing in additional codes after the code has been activated, or by Shift-clicking different items to see more options.

Here is a brief run-down of what you can do with this cheat.

For the quickest way to add money in The Sims 3, the familyfunds cheat becomes available once you've activated testing Cheats Enabled true.

Here is how you add money to your family funds, this is a lot quicker than using the Kaching or Motherlode cheats.

The cheat format is really simple, here goes: That's it.

Again, be sure to look at the main Sims 3 cheats page for more cheats and codes for The Sims 3.