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Dating site for bartenders - Sex Chat

According to Gay, “With more than a million inhabitants, Jacksonville – Florida’s largest city and, according to The Advocate, one of the top five emerging cities welcoming same-sex couples – is a popular destination for the gay traveler.Gay Jacksonville does not have the ‘Party Central’ atmosphere of sister Florida cities like Key West or Fort Lauderdale.

Located in the historic Riverside area of Jacksonville, Metro features an array of performers, such as Kyky Roxx (aka Little Spoon), Aiden Payne, Phoenix De La Cruize, Latonga Manchez and Syndel. Located at 616 Park Street in downtown Jacksonville, The New 616 has all the amenities – outdoor seating, billiards, DJs, karaoke, music videos and a jukebox to name a few.It’s also a restaurant featuring Americana cuisine – nachos, burgers and deli sandwiches. It’s a little like successful service in a restaurant: If it’s doing its job well, you’re not bound to notice its presence.Squint, and you’ll see it rubbing the backs of your Mai Tais, or gently sweetening your Japanese Cocktails.If you’ve ever had a tiki drink, the chances are you owe orgeat its due.Given how long it’s been around, it’s a surprise we’re not better acquainted.

An opaque, sweet almond syrup often laced just slightly with orange blossom or rose water, or both, orgeat first started making regular appearances in bar manuals in the 1860s, but was consumed outside the realm of cocktails long before then.

As early as the 1300s, orgeat was served as a delicacy—then a savory barley water, without a trace of the almonds it’s made with today.

It’s also a well-known spot for events like cabaret night, service industry night and cabaret drag shows, and if you’re planning a late-night after-party, The New 616 offers package beer and liquor to go. reviewed the nightclub, saying, “Your bartenders take care of me.

Your Maker’s Mark does wonderful things to me as I traipse from seat to seat, inside and out.

You have this terrific ability to bring friends I haven’t seen in forever plus two days and me together.” Established in 1998 by owners Annie and Janie, AJ’s Bar and Grill began primarily as a nightclub, venue and meeting place for many in the Jacksonville gay and lesbian community. Burgers, wings, mozzarella sticks, all of your typical choices.

Located on Atlantic Boulevard, AJ’s offers events like live bands, wine tastings, banquets, darts and bowling tournaments, karaoke and a DJ dance party every Friday night. If I’m in the neighborhood and looking for a beer and a bite, I would certainly consider going back.” While Jacksonville, Fla., isn’t one of the top gay travel destinations in the world, it’s no secret that “The Bold New City Of The South” is a great place to enjoy a drink and get your groove on at The Metro, The New 616, AJ’s Bar and Grill or one of the other dozens of gay and lesbian-friendly watering holes.

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