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They point to several key immune-system components—notably, toll-like receptors and major histocompatibility complex molecules—that most likely play a role in bridging the innate and the acquired immune systems, and urge researchers to undertake collaborative studies of the genetics of how these systems interact as Bd spreads. The two elephants were stricken by a disease that pops up in the wild and at zoos. In 2007, the USDA fined the zoo $7,500 for various offenses after the death of two polar bears.Butterflies at San Diego Zoo’s Hidden Jungle April 1, 2009 current.An extremely confusing/inaccurate article about the Wild Animal Park’s Hidden Jungle is at: The elephants appear to have beaten the odds and recovered. Muchana strangled in a rope suspended in his sleeping quarters. A polar bear named Churchill died in May 2005 after stomach surgery to remove a clump of cloth and plastic. Five weeks later, a polar bear named Penny suffered a fatal infection from two dead fetuses. The zoo will look into obtaining new bears, but not right now, Bircher said.

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Glass will coordinate AZA conservation efforts including population management - which red pandas will go to what zoos and who will mate with whom - but the position also means overseeing research, education and ties to wild population conservation.Glass, 41, has been working with the zoo's red pandas for 16 years, but her involvement with the zoo began two years earlier, when she started volunteering while taking classes in comparative animal behavior at the University of Tennessee.In 1993, she was hired as a research assistant on a project at the zoo studying maternal care and other aspects of red panda life in captivity.From there, Glass moved up the ranks from keeper to curator. So the Blank Park Zoo has set up four special phone numbers for pranksters hoping to ‘fool’ their friends: * Mr. Listen to the messages here: Amphibian Fungal Disease April 1, 2009 amphibian populations and species are innately more susceptible to the disease than others. The phone system has kept up well, with the average wait time being about one minute.

The Zoo’s phone system provider, A+ Communications and Security, estimates that over 30,000 attempts have been made to call the numbers today.

Don Key, 515-974-2673 “Each number has a pre-recorded message that will let them know they have been fooled…but in a nice way,” says Miranda Shields, the Zoo’s Administrative Assistant.

Blank Park Zoo’s “April Fool’ Hotline April 1, 2009 Ryan Bickel DES MOINES, IA - Every year, Zoos across the world receive hundreds of April Fool’s Day prank phone calls from unsuspecting callers who have been given a message from a co-worker asking them to return a call from Mr. Richmond and colleagues emphasize that innate immunity has to be activated in an animal before acquired immunity can develop. The chimpanzee, named Cinder and famous for being hairless, suffered from an enlarged heart. The USDA's findings could take years to become public.

Other studies indicate that North American toads that survived after being first exposed to Bd in dry conditions survived longer when reinfected in wet conditions than did toads that were exposed to Bd in wet conditions. The 23-year-old bear, named Hope, had a grapefruit-sized tumor on her liver. Steve Bircher, zoo curator of mammals and carnivores said, "It's Mother Nature, in most cases." Life expectancy for captive polar bears is 20 to 22 years, longer than in the wild, and Hope had cancer.

Richmond and colleagues discuss experimental studies indicating that two species of New Zealand frogs infected with Bd but treated with the antimicrobial drug chloramphenicol were later resistant to reinfection with the fungus. And at the same time, two young elephants were battling the zoo's first outbreak of the potentially fatal elephant herpes virus.

Recent preliminary evidence, described in the April issue of , suggests that individual amphibians can sometimes develop resistance to chytridiomycosis, which is caused by the fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd). Richmond, of the USGS and three coauthors argue that researchers should broaden their studies of chytridiomycosis to include so-called acquired immunity, because this might improve predictive models of Bd's spread and so suggest ways to protect threatened frog and toad populations.

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