Dating site warning signs

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Dating site warning signs - Adult Chat Rooms

No biggie, we do that to our weight; what’s a few pounds right?This job title is tricky because there are plenty of successful entrepreneurs searching for love but the term has become the jobless man’s cover.

In today’s economy it’s expected that there will be job loss and layoffs but as far as dating material goes, it could make situations uncomfortable.Dating is difficult as is, but when it comes to online dating it’s a whole new ball park.This is the time that judging a book by its cover is probably a good thing.Men’s online dating profiles can say a lot about them before you even speak with them. Investigate as much as you can when it comes to finding out who their roomies are exactly.Sometimes it could be parents or a former lover who just hasn’t moved out yet.Be wary of the far away shots and the guys who have large sunglasses and hats on.

Either the man doesn’t think his looks matter, or he is hiding something.

This is just another sign of insecurity, and women want their man to be confident (in the same way they want us to be).

Those situations can get sticky and awkward when things start to get serious.

There is something to be said about a man who owns a cat or several cats but there are no scientific reasons or logical studies on what this mean, it’s just a warning flag.

There is a reason why society tends to throw an awkward eye dart when they hear a single man has not one cat but two cats. Here is a rule of thumb to follow, if a man is less than 5’8 he most likely adds an inch to his actual height on his online dating profile.

Unfortunately, some shorter men tend to be insecure about their stance and will nudge a tad on their height.