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filed its latest tabulation in February, claiming—based on its large population size, high percentage of unmarried households, and relatively moderate date-night tab—that Los Angeles was the fifth best city for single people in the country. And alongside college towns like Iowa City, Durham, Bloomington, Ann Arbor—cities so stuffed with single coeds that they ought to be disqualified—New York City joined L. A closer look at the studies shows that they’re often measuring the best cities for single people to stay that way—depending on your perspective, the cities for singles.In New York, Kiplinger’s 2012 count notes, over half of the metro area’s 18.7 million households are unmarried ones (the national average is 28 percent), and one in five people fall between the ages of 20 and 34. first in its proportion of single people, and second in the percentage of them who actively date online.

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For single people looking to actually find a match, that is not a good thing.C.’s Stockholm syndrome—a coping mechanism for having settled for a steady, dull job in a too-small town with deficient natural lighting.In the year that followed, I've learned that my friends and I were both half right: Washington is for nesters, and Los Angeles is for loners, but this has little relation to our populations’ reputations for titanium SAT scores or prominent cheek bones.In fact, it has very little to do with the people playing the game, and everything to do with the way they are scattered across the board.If you have ever been tempted by the low-hanging fruit of the sexy Internet slideshow, you may be under the impression that Los Angeles is one of America’s "Best Cities for Singles." Over the past few years, online publications have periodically culled regional data from dating websites and census tracts, made pseudoscientific calculations of their impact on singletons, then excreted the results into clickable lists. To anyone who has actually attempted to date in America’s two most populous cities, these results are puzzling. When I decided to end my eight-year stint in Washington, D. and decamp to Los Angeles last summer, my friends in the capital looked at me like I had announced plans to eject myself into space.

They rolled their office chairs toward my cubicle and pressed their hands to my shoulder at happy hours. If I moved there with my boyfriend in tow, they told me, I might survive. Between dark basement beers during my last month in Washington, my friends presented me a phantasmagoria of single life in L.

Los Angeles residents are not like the rest of us, they said. A.: It looked like skeletal Asian models pair-bonding with balding producers over low-calorie cocktails.

At the time, I wrote off the soothsaying as another symptom of what I had come to see as D.

present volume of daters as a positive, but the research of Sheena Iyengar suggests otherwise.

Back in the ‘90s, Iyengar noticed something odd about her local luxury grocery store.

Though the shop was “renowned for its huge selection of produce, packaged foods, and wine,” Iyengar “often walked out empty-handed, unable to settle on just one bottle of mustard or olive oil when she had hundreds of options.” The experience fueled Iyengar’s research into the psychology of choice. means only that the single person’s wasteland is that much more vast: New York City’s 305-square-mile expanse offers over 8 million people to pick over.

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