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Dating is hard enough without stepping outside what is considered “normal” by society’s standards of what couples should look like.

However, Dudek argues that the school district did not suffer from any budgetary reductions during that time that would explain Dudek's non-reappointment.Dudek, who taught at the Orlando campus for three years, told Orlando Sentinel that the discrimination "hurt tremendously." She said, "Part of the reason you become a teacher is you don't see color -- a person is a person." Dudek is seeking reinstatement to her job, lost wages and benefits in addition to unspecified damages.In response, the school district released a statement denying "all allegations of discrimination by Ms. Or, depending on your race, a white girl, Asian girl, Latina girl…The complaint also alleges that Erickson, Serianni and other white faculty members wore "black face," weave hair extensions, afro wigs, gold teeth, gold jewelry and baggy clothing during a skit in the school talent show.The performance was "a stereotypical pejorative display of 'black' culture," the suit read.

"Many students and staff viewed this performance as demeaning to blacks and were greatly offended." During the 2012-13 school year, Dudek says she was singled out by Serianni, who held her to higher standards than other staff members and then gave her a negative evaluation without a legitimate reason.

She was then told in 2013 she wouldn't be reappointed at Edgewater because of budget cuts.

A white Florida teacher filed a lawsuit against Orange County Public Schools last week claiming that she was discriminated against because she had a black boyfriend and associated with black staff members.

In the lawsuit, former Edgewater High School math teacher Audrey Dudek alleges that she was fired in 2013 after school administrators found out she was dating a black man, who is now her husband.

Former principal Michele Erickson "appeared shocked and offended" on finding out Dudek's boyfriend was black, states the suit, WESH reports.

The lawsuit goes on to say the school's administrators ridiculed Dudek because she interacted with non-white staff members and that former assistant principal Anthony Serianni dubbed her classroom "Club Audrey" and complained about her playing music by black artists.

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