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Yes, but we need to think where and why we become involved.We do not want to cut across the relationship between users of services and those who run the services.

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We will be monitoring the flow of complaints we and members get and the things complained about.And we have to be ready to draw issues to the attention of the ICO or Trading Standards community if this is needed.But we start from a more optimistic and realistic position – online dating companies got together to create the ODA and write a Code of practice.Their action is all about setting and maintaining standards: not about wrongdoing and corner-cutting. We expect to publish information as part of our annual and other reporting. But we cannot be relaxed about any behaviour that threatens user trust in dating services. All ODA members should have effective and appropriate arrangements in place to deal with complaints and enquiries.Like any other business dating firms should be dealing direct with users who want help or who have a complaint.

Your service will offer ways of contacting them online and, perhaps, by phone.

You should raise issues with them in the first instance and we would expect these to be dealt with effectively and in a timely manner.

This allows us to step in if complaint levels or the things being complained about suggest there may be something more serious going wrong.

Our focus is on maximising compliance and trust reducing the need for formal interventions.

We want to deal promptly with any misunderstandings over what is expected of members, flagging processes that create risks and helping if a member has to stop or change a process and remedy the consequences of its actions.

We expect to publish the findings of all formal investigations.

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