Dealing with hpv and dating

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Dealing with hpv and dating - Adult Chat Rooms

Once you can trust them & you feel it's the time to come clean, if they are supportive about it & are willing to deal with it, you know you made a good choice.If they aren't, then once again they ARE NOT worth it.

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I recently found out that I have HPV I dont present warts only displacia, that my doctor is treating, does it means I am in an active stage of HPV? I want to know if I have to take some measures to have sex with my boyfriend, I don''t know if he is infected.Thanxs for the answer I have not been diagnosed yet but I am sure that I have it.It is causing alot of emotions in me...devastation,anger,confusion,etc. I have been upfront with him from the time I got the outbreak 2 days ago for the first time.He is being very supportive and promises that he loves me for me,and that he will still never leave.I have a hard time believing that at a time like this.But his constant reasurances help me at this moment. I am 19 years old, sexually active, contracted cervical displaysia & HPV, and someday want to be in a relationship and get married.

It feels good to have someone to go through this with. I believe everything happens for a reason and what doesn''t kill us makes us stronger. But my dilema was if I tell someone right away that I have it, they will not want to continue.

One day at a time is the only way to deal with a thing like this. If I don''t tell them right away, I'd have to come up with another reason why I didn't want to have sexual contact until I could trust them, which I also believed would make them leave.

I thought a lot about not telling someone I have it, and then saying I found out after, but that is DEFINATELY the WRONG thing to do, and I'm glad I came to my senses before I did something that I would hate myself for for the rest of my life.

I realized that if someone will leave you because you do not want to have sexual contact, then there is no reason to be with them, because if they can't see that there is much more to a relationship than really want to be with them?

But I believe the option is to tell a person you would like to build trust before sexual contact.

If they are not willing to do that..ARE NOT worth it.

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