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I then located to Merced County and have pretty much been here the rest of the time.

I have read the postings and the names sound familiar and had to pull out the old yearbook. It would be great to hear for others from our school.This site has been blocked by order of the government of Russia.You can read more about Russia’s internet censorship law here.TO THE 70's TO THE 90's Class of 1980 Adams, Jeff - E-mail: [email protected] in Anderson, CA Bealessio, John - E-mail: [email protected] am currently living in Madera and working as an auditor for the State of California. Currently, I am Spanish teacher at Corona del Mar High School in Newport Beach, Ca. ) my two little boys (Dylan, 12 yrs and Colin 10 yrs) all over the world with me while working on my Master's in Spanish Literature.I am married to Olga and I have to sons Alexander who is 5 and Ivan who is a year. Dylan and Colin are awesome (yes, a typical mother, but really they are awesome!We are still enjoying Bishop and all the area has to offer.

Added August 10, 2008 Coy, Michael - E-mail: [email protected] living in Anchorage, Alaska with my wife, Kim and daughters, Erin (16) and Jillian (12).

Contact me at [email protected] January 17, 2006 Davis, Justin - E-mail: [email protected] December 17, 2007 Davis, Neil - E-mail: [email protected] wife Allison and I Truly enjoyed the 20 year reunion.

After returning from Sri Lanka, I studied my two passions up in Humboldt: Spanish and Violin Little did I know that they were my passions in High School, but since then, I have developed them through the years.

), and as we get older, they are teaching me lots of things, mostly how to be cool, and do cool things like razoring, martial arts and boogie boarding.

I still take on more than I can handle and I still run and life still never ceases to amaze me. Darcie Burnett, Kelly (Vaughn) - E-mail: [email protected] name when I graduated from BUHS in 1980 was Kelly Vaughn. I have done a lot of interesting things since graduation. For now, I have been happily married for 6 years to a wonderful man who is willing to put up with me. I devoted the first 8 years after high school to my children and former husband.

I have 2 children Curtis (24) and Amanda (21), 3.5 grandchildren Lillyanna (3), Gavin (2), Jacob (18 months) and Haylee (due October 05), 2 stepsons Jeff (35) and Stevyn (20). We lived in Bishop for a couple of years and then left.