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She is a model who is best known for her sizable breasts.The interesting and impressive thing about this model is that her breasts are natural.

This set is really great for a bevy of reasons, first the outfit itself is sexy.I like garter belts and nobody wears them better than she does.The bra she wears also allows her nipples to come through quite nicely, she looks fit, her ass is in perfect condition, great posing and arching of her body. If I owned a museum I’d dedicate a whole wing to this set, who knows maybe one day I’ll have a Denise museum, heck I suppose that’s what I have now.It's natural when you see a picture like the one below, you'd be curious if Denise Milani was dating anybody right now. This Czech-born beauty hasn't stated one way or the other if she had a boyfriend. It's difficult to date right now since I'm traveling so much.Again I apologize for not posting in such a long while, work has been murder.Still figured I’d post this old but bonafied classic set of Denise Milani.

It was one of her early shoots and remains one of her signature videos.

For a while I think this set was considered the modeling equivalent of a business card for Denise.

When Ask Men asked her if she was seeing anyone, she replied: "Hmmm. The important people in my life right now are my fans."If, on the off chance you meet and her would like to audtion for the role, here's what she looks for in a man: "Confidence, [he has to be] down-to-earth, intelligent, optimistic, and he has to know how to bring a smile to my face.

When Denise Milani was asked questions about her dating and if she has a boyfriend she replied unclearly. And then added that since she is traveling very much it is difficult to date.

However, she revealed that she likes men who are confident, optimistic, intelligent, down-to-earth and know how to bring a smile on her face. Check out also boyfriend lists of Kate Upton, Kelly Brook, and Helen Flanagan.

Denise Milani (Denisa Krajickova Trica) was born in the Czech Republic.

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