Did blake lively dating ryan gosling

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Did blake lively dating ryan gosling - Online sex

According to , Blake and Penn broke up in mid-September and are "still good friends," which is nice, because, otherwise, it's going to be awkward next season if their characters, Serena and Dan, start dating again, and they are professionally required to make-out with each other and, you know, pretend the other person didn't completely break their heart and/or repulse them.

The site then used Blake to (of course, *eye roll*) represent something that is wrong with AMERICA and HUMANITY, okay?So stay woke and realize why B is everything that’s wrong with our species or whatever: But outside of that pocket of fiction, Lively represents something to us. And like all celebrities, the feelings this boring specter conjures — the frustration that she gets rewarded o Overall, this entire missive sounds like it was written by someone who didn’t get to date the cheer captain (yes, this whole thing was written by a guy) but that’s not Blake’s fault.In fact, this whole thing strikes me as deeply sexist.Where is the diatribe about Liam Hemsworth’s blandness? Oh no, let’s not ever require more of I guess mosquito movies aren’t as scary?! We’re forcing sharks into extinction with barbaric finning and ocean pollution. If she were a pediatric oncologist, who just tossed her hair around and shrugged when a patient died, okay fine, yes, let’s all say, “You know, maybe her beauty is distracting us from a larger issue.” talented! It catches the sun and flash photography like a piece of jewelry. She’s beautiful in a way that wins you prom queen in a fairy-tale version of Southern California — a perfect avatar of blonde, casual and familiar. Um, no sh*t appearances are important in HOLLYWOOD!

If Lively didn’t look the way she does, it’s impossible to imagine her getting the attention and roles that she does. She’s proof and reminder of the ugly truth that in Hollywood, hard work, talent, and intelligence all take a back seat to appearance.

True, B is a little on the low-key side, but isn’t that a bit refreshing in a world of Kim Kardashians?

's golden couple, Blake Lively and Penn Badgley have broken up, and their reps even confirmed it, making it totally official.

While there had been rumblings lately that Blake Lively was dating other guys (remember that midnight escapade to Disneyland that she went on with Ryan Gosling recently? Unlike their on and off-again co-stars, Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr, these two 23-year-olds had been dating for 3 years and seemed solid together.

It was only recently that anyone even suspected that something might be amiss between the two, although there was that whole awkward side hug incident a few weeks ago that caused people to start gossiping on-set, and not in a good way.

(Prior to their split, the two were more likely to swap spit in between takes, it seems.) Blake Lively And Ryan Gosling: Dating Or Not?