Divorce dating after 50

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Divorce dating after 50 - Online sex

If you have anger toward your ex don’t feed it by focusing energy on the anger.Extinguish it and put it out by refusing to allow it to take up space in your head.

Out of the blue, I realized that the choice I was making to wallow in my predicament would play a role in the quality of my life, that day and each day moving forward. I knew I had to put conscious effort into moving forward and making the second half of my life something worth living.From that day forward I started making different choices in the way I viewed the divorce, the damage I thought my ex had done and the opportunities open to me in the future. Let go of your need to blame: Divorce can be emotionally and financially devastating, especially for those over fifty. They may have used adversarial attorneys during the divorce process to strip you financially.As hard as this is to understand once the divorce process is over, what happened during the process is in the past.Blaming your ex for something that you can’t go back and change keeps you stuck in the past and stagnated in the present.Picking up and starting over after the loss of decade’s worth of plans and thinking your life has been mapped out and all is in order.Change is uncomfortable when it comes to a change that touches every aspect of your life there is no word to describe the emotional challenge one faces.

And, that is what divorce after 50 does; it touches every aspect of your life.

I remember sitting at my breakfast table one morning, staring out the window feeling sorry for myself.

Not 50 but by the time the divorce process had resolved itself I felt closer to seventy.

I learned very quickly that handling stress during my middle years was not as easy as it had been in my twenties or thirties. I found myself spending a lot of time focused on where my life would lead me, what was next and how I would find the emotional strength needed to “get on” with my life.

For months, I had no plan and paid no attention to what needed to be done for me in order to rebuild and start living again, on my own and on my own terms.

That is the most crushing aspect of divorce after 50.