Does bob jones allow interracial dating

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Does bob jones allow interracial dating - Online sex

Bob Jones University is a fundie school located in Greenville, South Carolina.It was founded by Methodist evangelist Bob Jones, Sr.

The institution is infamous for taking the most extreme fundamentalist positions imaginable.It finally entered the 20th century, just as the 21st century was beginning, by dropping its ban on interracial dating in 2000 and seeking and gaining accreditation by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools in 2005.Until 2005, Bob Jones University held the position that accreditation was a compromise with the sinful world of academia. They refused to admit black students until 1971, and from 1971 to 1975 they only admitted married black couples but not unmarried students.As such, the university was an unaccredited one for most of its history, in effect conferring degrees that might as well have come from a diploma mill. When they finally began admitting single black students in 1975 they coupled it with a ban on interracial dating, finally dropped in 2000.Their policies also cost them a whole lot of money after a 1983 SCOTUS ruling upheld the right of the IRS to revoke their tax-exempt status.The university does not have a real geology program.

Can't let geological facts get in the way now, can we?

Al Franken infiltrated Bob Jones University while researching Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them by pretending to be a family friend of a prospective student who was a Christian, while making it clear he is Jewish and noting their uncomfortable er-um-er-wtf reaction.

They remain about a century behind the times, which for them is an improvement.

Students are banned from dancing, going to movie theaters, watching television, having DVD players in the dorms, unfiltered Internet access, and listening to any kind of unapproved music (including jazz, country-western and Christian Rock).

Anything displaying the Abercrombie & Fitch brand is also banned for whatever reason, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

The BJU "science" department promotes young earth creationism exclusively.