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Doubleyourdating com ebook - Online sex

Example: You're talking on the phone and making plans to get together.

It may not sound like much, but when you start saying things like "Well, I'm busy at this time... etc." the person listening starts to unconsciously think "Uh oh, it sounds like they're busy...OK, so what are some of the things that make women FEEL that GUT LEVEL ATTRACTION?More importantly, how can us guys do some of these things to make women feel attracted to US without having to be abusive jerks?My answer is to learn about how the "Attractive Jerk" personality acts, but leave out the ABUSIVE aspects...and mix in a few other surprises to make an irresistible combination.Here's an example: Women are attracted to men who aren't easy to pin down, who are busy with their lives, and who they have to work to get and keep the attention of.

It's hard to get a Jerk's attention because he's so consumed with himself.

He's busy being selfish, so it's just natural that a woman will find it hard to get his attention.

If you want to use this psychology to your advantage, you can do things like: 1) Talk about times you're busy before talking about times you're available.

I wonder if they're going to have time for me..." 2) Leave her alone once in awhile when you're out together.

Example: You're out together at a store window shopping. She's only going to get busy, which will probably make the conversation more difficult.

Most guys will stick right along side of the girl that they're with the entire time. So let's do a little critical thinking about this situation before I comment (or maybe this will be the comment, we'll see). And then there's the risk of saying or doing something stupid, getting too drunk to make sense, or just having the interaction go cold.

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