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Forget the fact that an "intoxicated" man should also be unable to consent, this poster implies that women are weak, unable to handle themselves when drinking and therefore need additional protections.

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Most colleges and universities now have adopted the "incapacitated" standard for being unable to consent, although in practice it doesn't matter how much alcohol an accuser has had, all she has to do is say she had too much without offering proof.But CCU has since "changed" its stance on whether women can consent while drunk.Now no one can consent after drinking alcohol, only stone-cold sober people can have sex. That's according to the school's new poster, currently being distributed on campus.The new poster, provided by the university to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), states that consent must be "enthusiastic," "sober," "mutual," "voluntary" and "communicated clearly before any sexual activity."For example, how is "enthusiastic" defined?Nearly a decade ago, the same university hung up posters around campus claiming that women could not consent if they had been drinking, heavily implying that men could.That poster was discovered after an old coworker of mine sent me a photo of it on Twitter.

The poster claims that while Jake and Josie were both drunk, only Josie was unable to consent, making Jake an automatic rapist.

"A woman who is intoxicated cannot give her legal consent for sex, so proceeding under these circumstances is a crime," the poster read.

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Coastal Carolina University, in South Carolina, is continuing its apparent quest to become the biggest panderer to the extreme wing of the campus sexual assault crusaders with a new poster claiming that only sober people can consent to sex.

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