Examples of oksana dating scam emails

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Examples of oksana dating scam emails - Sex Chat

Be2 dating is a dating site to be avoided at all costs.

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We should give it a go.' I went home and thought about it. Wouldn't it be lovely to share a sunset with someone special?I can't say I'm unhappy being single, I've got plenty going on in my life to keep me happy, and I'm certainly not lonely, but I thought it would be nice to meet a like-minded guy, with whom I could share a friendship.I was on a certain social networking site one day when an ad caught my eye, reading along the lines of 'Find love in your 50s'.I decided to have a look, and to cut a long story short, I ended up signing up to Be2 dating. I answered a few questions and they gave me a summary of the type of person I was likely to be compatible with, and I could do a search in my area for suitable matches, so I just thought, 'Oh well, go for it and see what happens.' However..Be2 wouldn't let me go any further without signing up for a 'Premium' membership, which would cost me £5.00. This was no way for me to meet someone, and to be honest I really couldn't be bothered.So I paid the money with my card and began my search for Mr. It didn't take me long to realise that this wasn't for me. Every day when I opened my email inbox there would be mail from Be2, telling me there was 'new matches' for me.

In the end I got fed up and went back to the site to cancel my membership. Then four weeks ago - to the day, as I write this - I went to the bank to make a withdrawal, where I was told I had insufficient funds. I only checked my account online twenty minutes ago and there was money in there then, The teller went on to tell me that I had used my card at 10.05 (it was now 10.20) and the transaction was for £149.95.

But the link on the site which said 'unsubscribe here' didn't seem to be working. I was actually standing in the queue when the money was taken out, I explained to her. I asked her to tell me who the money had gone to and she couldn't tell me.

Cutting the story short again, it turns out that the money had gone to a company in Luxemburg, who after a bit of digging around, I found to be this dating site - Be2.

Luckily for me, my bank's fraud prevention department had picked up on it straight away and sent me a text (while I was still in the bank trying to sort it out) and they blocked the payment.

I came straight home and e-mailed Be2 and told them that I had not authorised this payment, and if they tried to take it again I would report them to the authorities, that it was theft and I would take legal action against them I received a reply telling me that they did not operate under the law of the UK, and that I was bound to the 'terms and conditions' which I should have read before I joined.

After a lot of wrangling and exchanging e-mails with this company, they finally gave in.

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