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Exchange fuck on web cam - Free Online

CHICAGO — I cry, you cry, we fuck each others’ feelings, we broke up, we got back together, and somehow it all ended up on Tumblr.

As in any relationship, the more you give, the more you get.If you, the internet, fuck my feelings, there’s nothing I can do to get you off.Webcam Tears is a collection of videos and GIFs of mostly white young women crying in front of a webcam, most likely toward or about the human who is receiving these images on the other end. Anyone on the internet is welcome to submit videos of themselves crying (sorry, no more photos or GIFs).As the statement for Webcam Tears suggests, the Tumblr collection becomes a project about voyeurism, exhibitionism, and loneliness, but also considers the idea of emotional porn. We did, however, notice a video of Maja Malou Lyse crying, which we recognized from a similar work of art that appeared in Illuminati Girl Gang, Volume 3.In an age where connecting or reconnecting is but a click, like, or message away and our emotions are easily transmittable through fluid spaces such as email, Tumblr, Facebook, and i Message, emotional connectivity might be even easier to find than we realize.But when you are giving to the internet, where consumption is never-ending and needs are ever-increasing, the emotions are endless.

The internet is a goldmine of creative capital, but this currency doesn’t always pay dividends, and often times it’s not something one can cash in at the local exchange.

Two embodiments of this sort of affective labor can be found in the tumblelogs Webcam Tears and Marina Abramović Made Me Cry, in which moments of extreme emotion are mediated through the internet, appearing cleanly curated and sterile, yet erupting with bodily sensations, feelings, stuff that makes you want to stare and do something, maybe even get off.

In this affective space, the body is fragmented yet the feelings remain.

Bodies become fragmented, afterthoughts of feelings and internet pornography.

Feelings are immediately exchanged and activated, but once they’ve been “sold” to the internet they cannot ever be refunded.

And like porn, they’ll get you off and you won’t have to do anything in return except watch and enjoy.