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But it's funny to watch though, even though most of it is fake. The show in its entirety are on youtube, here btw, Ma Nuo has appeared 越跳越美丽 about a month ago, don't why it is refereed to in future tense here. I wasn't intending to write about it in the first place.Btw, this show along with 我们约会吧, are associated with the Australian show Taken Out, with the China region rep from Fremantle Media (producer of Taken out) appearing in the credits of both shows. That appearance is funny though, as it the tables has turned on her along with back stage drama that somehow "leaked" to the internet. As far as I know, there is no rumored ban on Yan Fengjiao.If you searched for Ma Nuo the rumor that some people have had enough of her pops up all over the place.I'm sorry I'm not in the knowledge about all the dating programs, when they appeared, and what backstage occurrences happened when.If you would like to enlighten us, of course, it's appreciated. But just wondering why the elephant in the room is missing while on that topic of If You Are The One (非城勿扰).But there's no need to question why a post is made when the point of the post is not to say who is posing nude when and for what, rather summarizing potential bans or changes in TV programming. As for banning of Ma Nuo is only a rumor, Yan Fengjiao is actually taken off the show and never appear again on TV, Tang Wei style.

They went as far as cutting her out for the show that's already been taped. So that almost everyone in China now know that "reality" TV are pretty much melodrama with low budget and high return for the television.

link Almost 1/3 of the contestant on there are also taken off the show with explanation given. (a sort of Joe Millionaire moment for China) btw, the story you linked (Surviving Henan TV's dating reality show) probably is from Henan TV. But the Jiangsu version did have two foreigner (Samuel and Alex) appear show though. link link (Starts at , Ma Nuo) btw, the only reason I mentioned about the back stage drama is because of this in your article: "It was also heard that the production crew of Zhejiang TV's Singing and Dancing (越跳越美丽) will pause the making of episodes that shows Ma Nuo participating.

Both Ma Nuo and her assistant claim that they haven't heard about this, and that whatever comes next, they will arrange their schedules accordingly.

" That back stage things is the "official" cause of Ma Nuo's suspension from that particular show, because she stormed off stage in the middle of a recording.

Now that is the usual celebrity tabloid or some sort of devious trick to ban a her from the station is of course open to question.

(and this question is hot debated in Tianya a few week ago with no obvious conclusions as usual) doc: I'm glad that you have watched more reality shows and dating shows than me, but I think Yan Fengjiao has been covered on other English language portals (China SMACK).