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Fone sex chat - Sex Chat

Me and my girlfriend, Lynda, have been living together for just over three years. Of course, sooner or later that always leads to fucking.

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I wasn't my usual hard self, so I had a little swim and was just chillin, when she dec..There have been times when I've fucked married men in open relationships but I really want to have a threesome with a guy and his wife it kills me.Every once and a while my wife Mia and I like to smoke and fuck.There’s nothing quite like a little high to turn up the passion and intensity when getting ready to have sex.Smoking makes everything - every last detail - so much more intimate and exciting.First time poster, so any feedback is welcome ;) For the mental picture, I am a 20 year old girl, 5”4, 110lbs, with 34Bs.

I have brown eyes, full lips, long brown hair that I usually wear straight, and I’ve been told that I have great curves for a girl my size, and that my bubble butt is my best feature.

This story takes place a few months ago: I was 20, newly sin..

I'm a female and I love the idea of fucking a husband and a wife together.

Kissing each other, touching her body, undressing her, groping her entire body from her beautiful tits to her luscious ass. I am a 23 year old single woman in Portland and I love to be touched by strangers in public.

I have enjoyed and encouraged this ever since I remember.

From feeling the bulge on my ass in a moving bus/train to exposing myself enough to invite strangers, from letting a stranger sitting behind me during a seminar put his hand in my panties to feel my ass crack to even letting a homeless guy grope my ..