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It felt really good, and crazy, and in the back of my mind, I was definitely thinking, "Who am I? "The thing that was really crazy about the whole thing was how SOFT the girl's skin was.

I woke up with a KILLER hangover the next morning and booked out of there.Like even drinking a glass of water is like the most delicious drink you've ever had? So we lie down on the bed, and the girl starts rubbing my back.I'm kind of in a zone, and then the guy starts kissing my neck.One thing leads to another, and we're pretty much making out.I end up giving the guy a blow job, while the girl goes down on me.I was at a bar with a bunch of old college friends, and we were getting pretty drunk.

At the end of the night, a guy and his girlfriend struck up a conversation with me.

I didn't know them very well, but they were friends of friends. We had another drink and at this point, I'm pretty blitzed. I go into their bed and I kind of know what's going to happen--but I'm in that super-drunk-anything-goes stage.

They asked if I wanted to come back to their apartment for a nightcap. And you know when you're drunk, how everything feels good?

I felt a kind of weird but chalked it up to experience.

The girl called me a bunch of times after that (I feel like she leaned more towards girls than guys), but we never hooked up again.

That one night, though, was definitely a cool/weird/crazy/wild experience!

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