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Sometime ago, my younger sis walked in on me as I was masturbating and about to ejaculate.I was enjoying myself so much before she came in that it didn't matter that she was there - I just had to cum!

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Yet she just kept quiet about it and never told anyone. She gives suggestions and sometimes even jokes about it...After that I used to stroke my cock a lot even when she was around. Was wondering though, anyone else here have a relative they can jerk off in front of? I was staying with a cousin the same age and sharing his room.After bedtime, I would lie on the floor naked and masturbate while he watched.He must have known about masturbation but he refused to do it himself.During the same holiday, his younger sister and I "showed" to each other.Our 4G network is 50% faster than O2, Vodafone and Three, according to Speedtest by Ookla - the global standard in internet speed testing.

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She insisted that my cousin should be there and that there should be no touching.

On a subsequent holiday, the sister came to my bedroom one morning - I wasn't sharing this time - and it was very clear from her attitude that she wanted to put her hand under the sheets.

I didn't let her because I feared my aunt might come upstairs and catch us and have regretted it ever since. My female cousin is now quite matronly but I have made some nude fakes of her and use those sometimes when I masturbate.

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