Freshclam not updating

29-Jun-2016 06:11 by 2 Comments

Freshclam not updating - Free Online

It's been doing this for the last six hours at least. Update section ...c) Check the box that says "Update virus definitions before scanning", click on Apply.d) Navigate to Overview menu ...

I have not been able to update the virus definitions from 2014-08-31 (that came with the package) to an updated set until today Monday 2014-09-29, though I have had the "Update virus definitions before scanning" option set.- I manually tried to trigger definitions update several times before today, but without success. installed AVE today just to see what it's like and how it works.The service is called Otherwise; read the Troubleshooting part or ask for help in the Arch Forums.Clam AV can use databases/signature from other repositories or security vendors.Forum rules 1) This is a user forum for Synology users to share experience/help out each other: if you need direct assistance from the Synology technical support team, please use the following form: ... lang=enu2) To avoid putting users' Disk Station at risk, please don't paste links to any patches provided by our Support team as we will systematically remove them.Our Support team will provide the correct patch for your Disk Station model. All has gone swimmingly except for the antivirus package, which sits at the "Updating virus definitions" page indefinitely.Clam Anti Virus is an open source (GPL) anti-virus toolkit for UNIX.

It provides a number of utilities including a flexible and scalable multi-threaded daemon, a command line scanner and advanced tool for automatic database updates.

Because Clam AV's main use is on file/mail servers for Windows desktops it primarily detects Windows viruses and malware. Consider starting it and enabling it to start at boot so that the virus definitions are kept recent.

Consider updating the database before starting the service for the first time or you will run into troubles/errors which will prevent Clam AV to start correctly.

Today, I followed the same settings and manual updates, and unexpectedly the definitions update started working. The definition file installed is dated 2014-12-03 .

After I try to update the definitions I can see in the log that it's failing and somehow not able to connect. because there's no way to see all details in the log viewer ..

I find the following ..warning updater Update Failed: Your network may be down or none of the mirrors listed in /var/packages/Anti Virus/target/engine/clamav/etc/is working. When I follow the link to the documentation, I get a 404 error; not even the documentation is available.