Fuck buddes in campbelltown

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Fuck buddes in campbelltown - Sex Chat

we are open and honest witheach other, respectful to each others wants and needs! We recently had our first taste(threesome together) of having another girl join us and left both of us wanting to explore more in the bedroom with a person/s.May consider a couple if the right one came along that best suited us :) just testing the waters and seeing what is out there, but def interested in meeting up! Cheers just a single fun loving guy, havn't done this kind of thing before so i im not 100% sure what im after, i guess just NSA fun with either single female or couple, i wont touch other men.

*NOT INTERESTED in SINGLE MALES (meeting up,pics etc) * ..chat with in chatrooms... Am available during the day always and some nights but very limited. I am seeking a good looking couple who want to have a great time - I am respectful may come across shy so control me if you have to. Get in contact with me for more details on where I could see it going and what I will be able to do and bring to the bed room Hear from you soon Hi We are just your Horny Sydney Couple who loves meeting others and having fun in and out of the bedroom.Yes the title says cheater, she knows i am bi, but doesn't know that i want to meet. Am a great talker, i want to understand how each person get to this point in life. We won't waste your time so please don't waste ours we will meet you in public and we only meet as a couple.She has told me she is accepting, but i am still unsure to say to her, i need this. So no request to meet 1 on 1 as you will get turned down every time. My misses and I love having threesoms with other girls and would like to have a lot more of them.As the misses loves getting licked whilst I'm hitting the other girls from behind.👍👍hope to hear from use soon ladies Thanks for the viewing one and all, in sydney and brisbane for few weeks,membeer off uk SH so thought ide keep up with things in australia, staying at campbelltown so any one wants to party just shout x We are new to the scene looking for like minded couples and single ladies to fulfill our fantasies of threesomes foursomes and moresomes , eager to learn with no hang ups ,meet us for a drink and see where it goes I am a young masculine guy with a thirst for sex. I'm a professional male who travels occasionally for work and sometimes things can get a bit boring.My wife cannot be fucked most of the time so i need to find it elsewhere. Would love to meet couples or females who would be interested in some naughty fun.

Looks are not important as I would prefer to have a confident female or couple for those naughty moments. We are both larger sized people and prefer the same.

You scratch my back and I will scratch yours, over and over... About her by him She is a gorgeous, sensual being who is a soft curvy BBW and loves to be carressed, stroked and kissed for hours.

I wouldn't mind getting involved with a MILF (friend with benefits). She is fun and loves a laugh and is wonderfully giving, who is experienced and knows how to please others, male or female.

I have a fantasy of eating some mature pussy dry.... I have photos in my private folder, sorry but only friends who request can see them. About him by her He is handsome with a gorgeous smile and he is a true gentleman.

If your 40-60 and want to have your pussy eaten dry please do message me... Hi, iam an attached lady that plays alone, looking for mainly day time fun, tues DAY being my free day. We are not, desparately looking for another guy.... He loves to be caressed and have all his senses ignited with sensual soft kissing, caressing with fingertips and teased, he too is experienced and loves to give pleasure to others also female or male.

Also if your a couple and want me to eat your pussy and cock i would love to help you out, remember you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.. I love all oral, MLO is about ME, yes but I love to give to a man that loves to receive, likes alot of 4play, finger play, massage, 69, food play, bit of light bondage, toys and penetration for dessert. If you're not into a curvy lady then I wont be offended but please dont waste my time either. His has wonderful strong hands that can caress softly and tenderly, and a wicked tongue.

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