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Tomberg now summarizes the four stages, in anticipation of the next two arcana, as shown in the following table.

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And like the first, it sounds easy, yet is difficult.The stages of revelation descend from the mystical experience.The following diagram shows the stages and relates them to the letters of the sacred name of God.Stages in the development of a Tradition Letter Stage Applies...Although Tomberg offers many diversions and side trips, we see that there is a single thread, the vertebrae, off of which everything hangs. Gnosis is the part of the process of the descent of revelation to individual facts, while science starts with the...Nevertheless, paradoxically we are told it should be like play, effortless.

Tomberg explains what he means by the gnostic sense.

The gnostic sense is the same as the contemplative sense....

True religion is the intuition of the living God by the living soul, hence mysticism must be the root of any true religion; theology, rituals, rites, and practices then follow from that.

The Bateleur represents the inspiration of the Spirit and the High Priestess, gnosis. The purpose of Meditations on the Tarot is to immerse the reader in the current of a living Tradition and to penetrate into the bosom of the oommunity of spirits who have served it and continue to serve it.

For the links of the chain of Tradition are uniquely made of thoughts and efforts, but especially of the living beings who are at the origin of these thoughts and efforts.

The essence of the Tradition is not a doctrine, but a community of spirits that endures from age to age.