Gopro failed updating

11-Jan-2016 04:48 by 4 Comments

Gopro failed updating - Sex Chat

So I downloaded the app to my phone and connected the camera and started to install the new update v.After fransferring files to camera and starts validating it suddenly exits and the camera says "Download Failed. I go ahead and try to download again, but same thing happens again.

When doing that, the camera everything works until i'm power the camera up and it should be updating, but nothing happens.UPDATE: Recently I have received a quick anwer from the Go Pro suport team. Quote Update for Case #1332195 – “Wifi issue” Hi Filip, Thanks for your email. If you’re unsure of how to do that, read these instructions on how to reformat your micro SD card in your camera. Here are some pictures of the adapters if you’re unsure of what they look like. Click on the link at the end of this step, which will download the UPDATE folder to your computer. In a few seconds, the camera’s screen will flash “UPDATING” with a picture of a down-arrow and a camera to indicate that it’s updating.In response to your email, can you please just try and update the software once again on your camera to see if this resolves the issue. Note – if the UPDATE folder is zipped once you download it to your computer, meaning that you see “” instead of “UPDATE”, double-click on it so that unzips to give you the UPDATE folder. Make sure your camera is powered OFF, then insert your micro SD card back into your camera. It’ll power OFF/ON 1-2 times, and show a message saying “UPDATE SUCCESS”. Reformat your micro SD card in the camera with the Delete ALL/Format function in the settings menu. Find your ‘micro SD card to USB adapter’ or your ‘micro SD to SD card adapter’ and set it aside for later. In the steps outlined below, you’ll need to drag a folder from your computer to your micro SD card.If you are a Windows user you may need to create a new folder called “UPDATE” on your desktop and move the contents of into this new folder. Connect your micro SD card to your computer using the adapter you set aside in step 2, then drag the UPDATE folder to the root level of your micro SD card. The UPDATE SUCCESS message means that the camera successfully re-updated. Lastly, I recommend that you reformat your micro SD card again in the camera so that you start with a fresh card the next time you use your camera.

Here’s an article that explains how to find the root level of your micro SD card.

I am experiencing that the new Go Pro Hero 4 Silver is freezing up, and thought that it was because of me not updating the to the new firmware.

My SD-card is a Lexar 64GB SDXC 633x as the one Gopro reccomend.

Then I check the Micro SD card, end then the UPDATE-folder is gone.

I tried repeating the steps, but same thing happen.

Then, once again, I said screw it, im going to download the Go-Pro Studio software. I connected my camera via the USB-cable, and a then a window popped up on the screen saying that an update is available (no shit...).