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She decides that she must hide her letters that George and John had written her.

Granny asks for a hot toddy and then snaps at Cornelia.Sick in bed, Granny Weatherall is being visited by Doctor Harry, a man whom she considers little more than a child.Saying there is nothing wrong with her, Granny orders the doctor to leave.He speaks in a condescending tone to her, even after she snaps at him.Granny reminds him that she’s survived more serious sicknesses before he was even born.Closing her eyes, Granny feels as if she is in a hammock.

She hears the doctor and one of her daughters, Cornelia, talking about Granny’s illness.

It annoys her that they are talking about her when she is within earshot.

Cornelia’s goodness also irritates Granny, who says aloud that she would enjoy spanking Cornelia. She believes it’s important to keep the house clean and orderly.

It irritates Granny terribly to think that Cornelia is humoring her.

She hates the small gestures people make when under the mistaken impression that she won’t notice them.

Granny considers herself a better housekeeper and harder worker than Cornelia.