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This comes not only from owning a dating site but having used them previously and reading some terrible profiles.

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Don’t worry about not being the best looking person in the world.We are all our own worst critics and there is someone out there for everybody.I am living proof of a not particularly good looking guy who is in a happy relationship with a beautiful woman who I met online.If you do decide to put up a picture then please consider the impression you are trying to make and the type of person you are trying to attract.A photograph of you with a bottle of beer and a cigarette, partying with your friends may bring back happy memories for you but may alienate as many people as it attracts.For my second attempt I decided to wear sunglasses in an attempt to look cool!

The feedback I got was that I looked suspicious and was hiding something.

Because I take spectacularly bad pictures and look like someone featured on Crimewatch, I eventually got a proper photograph taken and lo and behold I trebled the amount of interest I was getting.

The first internet date I went on was with a lady who had put up a very nice picture that unfortunately was ten years out of date.

Not only did I not recognise her, it said something to me about her integrity that meant that we did not meet again.

Be honest about yourself and always put up a recent photograph to avoid embarrassment later.

My first photo on a dating site had me in the distance in black and white.