Hannah spearritt dating andrew lee potts

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It’s more of an American thing because the rights have been sold to Warner Brothers. Hannah Spearritt: With things like this, I can only say, ‘Never say never.’ You change all the time but, as of today, no it’s not going to happen.

I’m not in a position where I’m wanting to close doors in any areas, so if the right role came up, I would definitely think about it because I love the whole shebang of singing and dancing.An extra interview with Hannah Spearitt (Abby Maitland) and Andrew Lee Potts (Connor Temple) where they talk about CGI, webisodes and play "Do UThink They Saurus" Copyright remains the property of ITV, this feature is presented for promotional purposes. The pair play techie wizard Connor Temple and zoologist Abby Maitland in the series, but off screen, they’re happily engaged and enjoying doing up their London home, which they share with their trusty King Charles Spaniel…Andrew-Lee Potts: Yes, every step of the way you can see that Abby and Connor are not comfortable with this level of secrecy because they’re so used to being honest with each other.Even if they don’t want it to, it just starts to unravel.Hannah Spearritt: We’ve toyed with the idea of going out there as a couple. But it’s got to be the right time for us and depends on what we’re both working on individually.

Andrew-Lee Potts: I worked with a writer/director on — and we may be looking into working with him again, as I’m also developing something ideas for our own show, which may be geared towards the American side of things.

stars Andrew-Lee Potts and Hannah Spearritt have ended their relationship.

Hannah Spearritt: And while all the New Dawn stuff is going on with Connor and Philip, Matt is still on his mission, and suspicious of everybody. We’ll get married one day but we’re having fun being engaged.

Hannah Spearritt: Any incidents seem to happen when people were getting lunch, or slipping over on set when it was icy! The door handle came off and she ended up locking herself in and the fire brigade had to come and get her out. And it’s so much money to spend out on just one day. Andrew-Lee Potts: Amazingly enough, we don’t like loads of people looking at us. We do talk about whether we should just sneak off and do it and then have a party afterwards.

Your wedding is brilliant, obviously, but it’s only one day. Hannah Spearritt: That would be quite nice, wouldn’t it? Andrew-Lee Potts: The film is definitely happening and it’s being developed.

The script has been written, but as for our involvement, it’s too early to say.

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