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This resource page identifies examples of grants, training and technical assistance, and other Federal resources of particular interest to non-profit organizations and government agencies working to enhance civil legal aid for underserved populations.Please contact the issuing entity for more information about all resources.

The list is not intended to be comprehensive of all Federal resources that can be used to support or engage civil legal aid.Suggestions for additions can be sent to: [email protected] read about currently open Department of Justice grants, and training and technical assistance, of particular interest to entities working to enhance both civil legal aid and indigent defense, please visit the Access to Justice Initiative’s Grant Information page.This page occasionally also features relevant grants from other federal agencies.For a comprehensive listing of all federal grants, please visit Webinar Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Director Rich Cordray introduced a March 5, 2013 webinar developed to make sure legal aid lawyers – often the front lines of defense for victims of consumer scammers – know what federal tools are available to better protect people from abusive practices.Financial Coaching Project The CFPB’s financial coaching project, launched in 2015, co-locates financial coaches in organizations and agencies that serve veterans and low-income and economically vulnerable consumers.

Of the 20 sites chosen that serve the low-income and vulnerable populations, five are legal aid or volunteer lawyer organizations.

The coaches are helping clients address their financial challenges and issues through one-on-one, client-directed financial coaching.

Your Money, Your Goals: A Financial Empowerment Toolkit The CFPB’s financial empowerment toolkit and training initiative, was launched in April 2015 with four legal aid partner organizations from across the country.

The customized version of the toolkit includes nine modules of information and tools for front-line staff to help clients identify financial challenges and goals, understand consumer financial protections, and access relevant resources.

More than 400 legal aid attorneys and staff have participated through the train-the-trainer format via in-person and webinar trainings. LSC Funds as Matching Funds for Grants Funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service In a December 2, 2014 letter, LSC clarified that its grantees may use LSC funds as matching funds in Ameri Corps grants and other grants funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Guide to the Ameri Corps VISTA Program for Legal Services Organizations The U. Department of Justice Access to Justice Initiative and the Corporation for National and Community Service, published a Guide to the Ameri Corps VISTA Program for Legal Services Organizations.

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