Hookup with old men

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Hookup with old men - Sex Chat

Younger women is a topic I haven’t discussed here in a while. If you’re much younger than 30 you’re welcome to read on if you’re curious, since this is something that will be affecting you in a few years.

Definitions As usual, we need to get our definitions straight.Here then are the four mistakes men most often make when trying to attract younger women.Mistake 1: Trying To Act Younger This is the granddaddy of them all.All the time I’m running into guys who tell me things like “I’m 36, but I look 30, so I tell women I’m 29.” Less often, though still regularly, I see guys in their 30s and even 40s who try to dress, act, and talk like men in their 20s.In extreme cases these guys invade the clubs or college campuses to hit on younger women where they often look woefully out of place.By “much younger women” I’m usually talking about VYW, which I define as women between the age of 18 and 23.

There are three types of VYW: By “older men” I’m talking about men between the ages of 30 and 49 or so, though men in their 50s who have followed my advice and taken care of themselves physically certainly apply also.

The older man / younger women stuff also generally applies to any man who is hitting up any woman of legal age who is more than 10 years younger than he is.

(Since men hitting up women within one to nine years younger is considered “normal” by society in most cases.) So in a way, a 45 year old man working with a 26 year old woman would apply here, even though she’s technically not a VYW.

While there are always unusual exceptions to every rule, this approach does not work.

It fails for a very simple reason: The VYW most likely to have sex with you are the Type 2s, which are women who younger men their own age.

Being an older man, but acting like a younger man (or worse, lying about your age) doesn’t make any sense.

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