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Hot and cold behavior dating - Adult Chat Rooms

Hot and Cold Emotions Hot | Cold | Hot and Cold | Inner and outer | So what Our emotions can described with a temperature metaphor, where 'hot' is aroused and 'cold' is not aroused.Hot emotions are those that are experienced with a high level of arousal and a 'hot' state is related to high levels of interest, emotion or activity.

The skin may also redden, contributing to both the feeling and appearance of a higher temperature.They may well be skilled at appearing empathetic, but this is just a sham to fit it or manipulate others.Individual experience may range from mostly hot to mostly cold.In this way, some may naturally feel emotions in the extreme, others may feel very little. There is a question of, whether or not we feel emotions, how we display them to others.In general, we feel happier when we are 'warmer' than when we are 'colder', though being hot all the time can be exhausting so we spend much of our time in a 'warm' place where we are motivated enough to do what we need to do without burning out.If we think of times when we were happiest, there is a good chance it was in a hotter state, perhaps when we were passionate about something, challenging ourselves physically or engaged in intense discovery.

It is not surprising that we frequently seek a hotter state and that the search for arousal is a core need.

Cold emotions are those that are experienced with a low level of arousal.

They may well be more cognitive in experience then emotional.

In a cold state we may be calm and in control of ourselves. When people display cold emotions they may be still be experiencing them as hot, but do not want others to know this.

This may be due to a desire to deceive or it may be based on a social need not to burden others with one's own strength of feelings.

Psychopaths have been described as having 'cold empathy' in the way that they recognize emotions in others but do not experience the normal feelings of Empathy.

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