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Your support operators can start chatting with customers by simply logging into their Live2Support dashboard.

For over 10 years, we have been helping companies deliver outstanding support plus sales.Live2Support is the easiest and fastest way to engage and convert website visitors to customers.Resolve customer issues faster by seeing what customers type (even before they send it) or what they are viewing on your website.Offer quality responses using readymade templates and a library of predefined messages & greetings.Bring in experienced executives to help new agents and offer quality responses to customers. Simply copy-paste your Live2Support code on a webpage and start chatting with customers in minutes.The live chat works on any web browser or operating software.

Support operators can start chat by simply logging into Live2Support or via our desktops and mobile apps.

Live chat on your website helps you monitor and initiate conversations with site visitors, generate new leads with a pre-chat form and improve conversions.

Your support operators can send proactive chats invitations to site visitors, when they land on key pages of your site, and gently guide them through the sales funnel.

The experience has helped us build an enterprise-grade, highly secure and the most feature-rich live chat software in the industry.

There are over 100+ preferences and settings which help you monitor customers, track operator performance, set-up department based chat, customize languages and more.

Our live chat software is securely hosted with IBM servers and integrates seamlessly with popular CRM, CMS, e-commerce, email marketing and many other tools.

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    And next, we have a group chat rooms page that again offers improvements in comparison to what a lot of older chat software apps provide.

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    Resolve customer issues faster by seeing what customers type (even before they send it) or what they are viewing on your website.

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