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Indiatimesdating com - Online sex

- A new zone theme, hugs, kisses and lots of prizes!

2001 – Is given the responsibility of launching & managing the clubs website on her own.– Manages Indiatimes Clubs including product management, content management & audience engagement.This includes creating a media plan for the Clubs website with the Times Internet advertising department. – Relationship with the advertising department lands her in a project to popularize & monetize Indiatimes Dating & Indiatimes Clubs through advertising.– The department discovers her copy skills and gets her to write copy for them on and off. – Rich experimentation with advertising media on both sides of the desk. – First experience with prototyping using HTML & interaction design. – Quickly progresses from writing to creating pages on her own, without a content management system. – First experience with a ‘Web App’ with database & information architecture.

– Skill development using workshops & online courses. – Learns audience analysis & management measures like moderation, education & simplification of user experience.

– Dabbles with customer service as a tool of measurement of user experience. It only measures dissatisfaction, but it’s a way of finding the flaws & fixing them.

– Managing Clubs as a project gives her first hand experience of product planning according the audience demands. As a brand manager & as a client servicing executive for both the Indiatimes websites.

– Varied experiences with various products at different levels.

From cross linking with Dating & Clubs to accompanying celebrity guests for Indiatimes Celebrity chat.

– Creates a relationship advice column with an agony aunt & a devils advocate. – Finds the use of ‘Times’ brand makes things so much easier.

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