Intimidating dog fail

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Intimidating dog fail - Online sex

According to media reports, however, Millan failed the required exam for dog trainers on September 10, despite a present interpreter.

This applies the licensing requirements of the authorities and Mr. A dog trainer friend of mine, Karolin Klinck, brought the following story to my attention.With anticipation I followed the development in Germany involving well-known American television star and controversial dog trainer Cesar Millan better known as The Dog Whisperer.Cesar Millan's intent was to invite 5 people with their dogs to his show.These people were to be chosen about 4 hours before each show and would go on stage for a period of up to 10 minutes in which Cesar Millan would handle the dogs.Millan’s lacked the proof of competence which is required. will take place as planned," said Millan's spokesman Florian Wastl after the decision.

The other seven shows were taking place as planned as well.

Millan will comply with the requirements of the authorities.

The conflict arose due to the possible negative consequences that could evolve due to the short interactions with Mr. A possible follow up training session and/or consult may be required after the show and therefore according to German law the trainer needed to have proof of knowledge on the field of dog training and behavior. Millan's spokesman Florian Wastl "That was unfortunate. Millan failed the test due to linguistic problems." although an interpreter was present but Mr.

According to the German newspaper "Hannoverische Allgemeine", a Veterinarian met Mr. Wastl claims "a lot was lost in translation." This was contradicted by city spokesman Udo Möller: "The test was taken in a correct manner.

We are not here to boycott the dog trainer from the United States but we just want to ensure that part of his show is performed by a trainer who as a corresponding competence certificate in the field." he stated.

stars such as Jennifer Aniston and Charlize Theron have sought Mr. Millan needed an animal welfare law permits like any other less famous dog trainer.