Invalidating a nstimer

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Invalidating a nstimer - Adult Chat Rooms

In either case, a timer event is fired after a specified amount of time has elapsed.

The method update Activity Indicator will be called on each timer event.To fix this, make sure you invalidate the timer when you're done with it, such as when your view is about to disappear: Want to learn Swift faster?Get 38 Swift projects in PDF and HTML: buy the Hacking with Swift book!Let do a quick run through of the basic operation of the NSTimer object.Timers are generally divided into one of two buckets, repeating and non-repeating.This lesson shows how to build timed periodic updates in i OS app using NSTimer. My logic simply increases counter value and updates text label with the new counter value. if it does, I invalidate the timer (see next point to see how to invalidate timer). If you appreciate it and find this information helpful, please consider making a donation in order to keep this page alive and improve quality Thank You!

Target is set to self (View Controller) to the update Label: method. Here you can put custom code that is required by your app logic. If you set your timer to repeatable, it will be repeating infinitely. This is why I check if timer is not nil before invalidating it. Download my source code If the tutorial is not enough for you, for header and implementation file. I manage this blog and share my knowledge for free sacrificing my time.

Here the interval is set (in seconds) and the repeats flag. Define updater method The update Label:sender will be called by i OS notification every time, when timer interval will pass. I use kill Timer: method that handles it: Be careful: invalidating timer that was already invalidated will cause application to crash!

Important note: because your object has a property to store the timer, and the timer calls a method on the object, you have a strong reference cyle that means neither object can be freed.

In this case, after the timer fires, the object will be invalidated with no further code required on your part.

You can pass an object to go along for the ride with the timer.

For example, below I create a string object and pass it in the user Info parameter.

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