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That is the balance in life." Offstage, Michaels is making noise with his aptly titled solo album Rock My World. 30 on Billboard's Top Independent albums chart after peaking at No. The disc arrived hot on the heels of Michaels' buzzed-about VH1 dating show, Rock of Love, which featured two seasons of scantily clad, fork-tongued ladies with names like Kristy Joe and Destiney vying for the rocker's heart. "The reality show is a part of the continuation of my career.

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We gave it an honest effort and it’s not anyone’s fault. Bret and I have always had a great friendship, and we still do. I’m not going to say I bounced back completely, because like with anything, it takes time. Bret Michaels, the pouty-lipped, bandanna-loving, flaxen-haired musician, promises to do just that on Thursday at the Rocklahoma music festival, which features such decibel-busting acts as Sebastian Bach, Dokken, LA Guns, Lynch Mob and Tesla. They want to hear rock again; they want to go out and party and have fun," Michaels says. This, of course, also makes the break-up of Bret Michaels and Ambre Lake official. Following the news that she and the rock star are no longer an item, Lake sat down with VH1 to discuss the relationship and her current status with Michaels. He is so busy on tour, and I am so busy with work and my life that we didn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to a relationship. The great thing about my relationship with him was that it was honest and true. Here are highlights from the interview: Was the breakup something that happened gradually? Unfortunately, when you don’t have a lot of time, it just makes it hard for a relationship to work.

From the time that Bret picked Jes over [Heather Chadwell] on the first season, or even earlier, people have wondered if Bret is afraid of commitment.

We were out there for everyone to watch, which we totally signed up for.

"You want to go to a summer concert and not watch a band staring at its shoes for six hours and complaining. Everything is cyclical." Michaels has been around for two decades, thanks to such super-charged hits as Talk Dirty to Me and Something to Believe In with his hairspray-loving brethren in Poison.

But he has seen his brand of music shunted aside and mocked in favor of grunge, hip-hop and melodic statement rock, so Michaels enjoys what he has.

And he doesn't agonize too much over what he doesn't. I'll come off the stage at Texas Stadium (and) I'm a rock god," he says. Michaels, 45, is wary of being lopped into The Surreal Life/Celebrity Rehab/The Two Coreys reality has-been cesspool.

"And then, an hour and a half later, I'm throwing a football and waiting for a cheeseburger from a truck stop at Carl's Corner, alongside a freeway. "I don't want to be a reality retro star," he says.

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