Is ariel lin and joe cheng dating in real life

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Is ariel lin and joe cheng dating in real life - Sex Chat

He was pretty much a "ideal" high school boy and it's the same when he got older. Honestly it was a bit of a waste of his talent to me.Zhi Shu literally had to have someone explain to him what he was feeling and why. I don't remember this drama that much because I saw it a while ago.

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Many years have passed and yet we will never forget mostly known for his role in It Started with a Kiss as Zhi Shu.It Started With a Kiss was originally a manga Itazura na Kiss. He was very distant, cold, and not interested in anyone, but when he smiled to tease Xiang Qin your heart goes "OH TOO CUTE".They had made a Japanese version of the drama and a Korean version later on, but the best for me, with no second doubt, was the Taiwanese version. Joe really shows the development of Zhi Shu's character, when he is becoming interested in what Xiang Qin has to say and how simple she is.The way his face turns when he looks at her, shows he pays attention to what she says.Not just because he remembers everything after listening to it, but because he is really interested in WHAT she is saying. When I found out what Joe's actually personality was like, my face was O_O.

getting one question right when he was tutoring her. There were some scenes that they added that weren't in the manga, but they were wonderfully written and acted. In realty he is just a happy guy and he loves to laugh.

In the show he is completely serious towards everybody, but he slowly grows softer to Xiang Qin and he shows his cute side when he picks on her. This season really shows you a different range on Joe Cheng's acting while he shows Zhi Shu learning emotions. because he has it all: he is handsome, a genius, has a wealthy family that cares for him, a brother that admires him and a women who loves him. I will admit I did get mad sometimes, because of how he was acting.

There were many fans who got really angry at him, but what some people forget, is that Zhi Shu never really felt jealous over anyone in his life. He was able to really take the role and convey the character's feelings properly through.

The Taiwanese celebrities who become part of our lives either you are teens or adults when the first time you see them on television.

They are the artists we truly admire and we never forget.

Although some of them never become real life couple and have their different families now but we still feel those sweet "kilig" moments they've shared on dramas.

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