Jennifer granholm and the dating game

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Jennifer granholm and the dating game - Online sex

Granholm, the former Michigan governor, will leave the big-money “super PAC” supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton’s candidacy and take a role with another outside group backing Mrs.

But now, Jennifer Granholm can be remembered for something else.Mc Inerney said, "You talked about not just having a bad hair day.Tell me what you described it as." "It was really, for me, it was a bad hair decade, and maybe it was even a bad hair couple of decades," laughed Granholm.Granholm had a plea to the guy who posted the clip, saying, "Hey, take it down.In a 1978 episode of "The Dating Game," the 19-year-old governor-to-be appears as a bachelorette.Can you believe the ex-governor was once a contestant on ? A 19-year-old Granholm, then an aspiring actress, was introduced as "curvey and cute" and looked every inch a bombshell, 1970's style, with tight jeans, suspenders and big Farrah Fawcett hair.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane Mc Inerney spoke with Granholm and asked, "What was your reaction when the video resurfaced? Really, I thought that this was going to be something that would be stayed, buried, sealed, locked in a vault," said Granholm.

The perky Granholm played along with gusto, enthusiastically asking the sexually suggestive questions the show was famous for.

Granholm would go from on Al Gore's television network, Current TV.

The host introduces Granholm as a "cute and curvaceous" lover of the arts to the three contestants who will vie for her affection.

None of them are Michigan's former First Husband, Dan Mulhern.

In a more recent appearance, Granholm, who now hosts her own television show on Current TV, showed off her performer chops.