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Do you have questions on how you can partner with USDA to take advantage of community resources and promote economic development in your community?

Ten southeastern Alaskan boroughs and areas joined the Strike Force efforts in 2013. Every day, USDA provides assistance to help grow American agriculture and increase opportunities for rural communities.This year, we expanded the number to eighteen to reach the northwest and interior of the state. Unfortunately, 90 percent of America’s persistent poverty counties are in rural America.Read more » Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and U. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Strike Force Initiative Director Max Finberg listen to Strike Force Initiative Beneficiary Colorado farmer Carol Baker Olguin discuss the benefits she and her family received through the USDA Strike Force program during a Google+ Hangout at USDA in Washington, D. Earlier this year, we launched the Strike Force Initiative for Rural Growth and Opportunity, which targets rural areas of persistent poverty where USDA staff work with state, local and community officials to increase awareness of programs, target resources and leverage partnerships to promote economic development and job creation.The initiative is now operating in sixteen states in the Southeast, Southwest, Great Plains and Alaska.As I travel the country, I am heartened to learn of the impact Strike Force programs have had in these communities and hear stories from the people who have benefitted.Read more » Tags: Economic Growth, Google+, Max Finberg, Rural America, social media, Strike Force, Tom Vilsack Economic Growth, Food and Nutrition, Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food, Rural Development, Technology and Broadband On Monday, Jun.

17, 2013, you are invited to join Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack as he sits down to his very first Google+ Hangout to discuss opportunities available through the U. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Strike Force for Rural Growth and Opportunity.

Are you a community-based organization or farmer in a rural community that faces persistent poverty, or just someone who wants to improve life in Rural America?

When I traveled to Alaska with USDA Strike Force National Coordinator Max Finberg last month, our eyes were opened to both the beauty of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta Region and the challenges of living in that landscape.

We were heartened to see firsthand that USDA’s investments are improving the lives and well-being of Village residents and their communities.

That support will be augmented by the expansion of USDA’s Strike Force For Rural Growth and Opportunity Initiative (Strike Force) into the western and interior regions of Alaska.

The Strike Force Initiative is part of USDA’s commitment to growing economies, increasing investments, and creating opportunities in rural communities facing extreme poverty.