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; Adagio : dreamland of mine; Cuban Pete; A Rumba story; Rumba with spice; Mexican Jumping Bean; Conga Loca; Rhumba Serenade : mi Rumba; Lindy Hop : keep punching; Lindy Hop : Cottontail (Hot Chocolates); Lindy Hop : boy! Discussion of acrobatics and athletic advances made in dance during the past two centuries including the evolution of dance costume. Simultaneously, lighting provides a distinctive sense of place for "virtual" dancers (within the video) who frequent CLUB M. Magnesium: performed at Oberlin College, Ohio, Jan. Peripheral vision: edit of a performance at Firehouse Theater, San Francisco, Calif., 1973. Cargo presents one man's pit stop on the road of life, where he pauses to rest and contemplate whether to continue the journey; sometimes dark, sometimes funny and always sexy, the performer fills the interior of a 1969 Buick Skylark with his physical and emotional self. From the Samba in Rio to the Lindy -hop in Harlem, cultural collisions have shaped the popular dances of today. This program examines classical theater dances in Russia and Japan. Denis, Martha Graham, Katherine Dunham, George Balanchine, Twyla Tharp, Eiko and Koma, Sardono Kusumo, and Garth Fagan. This program was made with dancers from the Pacific Rim Area including the United States (Afro-Americans, American Indians, and Hawaiians), Polynesia, Australia, and Indonesia. Video/C 5803 Producer, Chris Strachwitz; director, photographer, and special editing, Les Blank. DVD 3456; vhs Video/C1303 Presents examples of ethnic dances from the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia and stresses their social and cultural motivations. DVD 3455; also VHS Video/C 1829 Contents: Jordu -- Spoon River -- Ice breaker boggie -- Kickin' it -- After hours -- Playin' for keeps -- Tone poem -- Jam with Honi. Panorama brings together more than 60 students, artists and scientists from UC Berkeley and other universities.

Motion control takes one glamorous and ageing dancer, traps her in the real world, then smashes into her private reality, and tries to control her movement, contain her emotion ; she already has you beaten in this bizarre journey of entrapment. DVD 9140 Therapists: Joan Chodorow, Jane Downes, Susan Sandel, Barbara Estrin, Sharon Chaiklin. Video/C MM877 A young man from Cambodia is given a chance to fulfill his dreams when he is brought to the United States to audition for the prestigious School of American Ballet. Special features: Commentary with directors Adam Del Deo, James D. nitrate negatives, music from vintage 78 records and contemporary interviews, with performers and club owner Charlie Low, tracing the history of this era. The staff from the performance of "Art of dancing" compare and contrast dance styles of the 18th century, particularly the Minuet. These dancers, all women, had just made a successful tour of the United States when this program was made. Video/C 751 A documentary capturing the Harlem "Ball" traditions that originated in the 70's, an historically off shot from the Harlem "Drag Balls" from the 20's. Shows Polish-American polka musicians and polka dancers performing at festivals, dance halls, and small beer halls in the eastern and midwestern parts of the United States. Includes demonstrations of types of Irish dancing, dance competitions and winners of competitions, dance costumes and construction of dance shoes, dance music and traditions with dances demonstrated by members of various dance schools in England, Ireland, the United States, and Australia. A story of street-wise urban survival, gay self-affirmation, and the pursuit of a desperate dream. Art critics and theorists also discuss the past, present and future of performance art. Work specially commissioned by the Jarvis Conservatory ; reconstructor, Carlos Fittante ; set, Jocelyn Gibson ; costumes, Marie Anne Chiment and Marilyn Skow ; costume for Peasant-in-a-basket made by Jane Stein ; lighting, Lawrence Bluhm.The Duchess is a psychological portrait of a lonely and demented aristocrat, who is filled with long repressed memories and conjured demons. Shows five different dance therapists working with a variety of patients, young and old, healthy and disturbed to use their bodies to better understand their feelings and foster positive growth and change. Stern and composer Marvin Hamlisch ; "Donna Mc Kechnie : in conversation" featurette ; a new interview with John Breglio, Bob Avian and Baayork Lee ; Deleted scenes. Concludes with commentary by Betty Low on the history of ballet. Soon thereafter the political upheavals in Cambodia virtually destroyed that country. Video/C 5612 Jacques d'Amboise, principal dancer of the New York City Ballet, teaches children dance during school hours in fourteen schools in the metropolitan area. Because of the loss of hundreds of members of the "Ball" community to the HIV epidemic, this film records an important aspect of the history and legacy of the event. Features the music of Eddie Blazoncyck and the Versatones, the Dick Pillar Orchestra, Renata and Girls, Girls, Girls, and the Mrozinski Brothers. Performed by members of New York Baroque Dance Company and others.These 'apsaras' or 'goddess dancers' were all either driven into exile or killed. Video/C 8169 Created in a direct cinema style, this film follows students, choreographers and ballet masters at the State School of Dance in Athens, through the arduous construction of a dancer. Video/C MM486 Music plays a central role in the daily life of the Hassidic community. Tells the story of the children's experiences, from auditions, through the teaching process, culminating in an event at Madison Square Garden in which 1,000 children participate and celebrities perform with them. Focuses primarily on the icon and legends Pepper Labeija, Willi Ninja, Tracy Africa, Kevin Omni and Octavia St. Cast: Deda Cristina Colonna (Madame Montaigue) and Catherine Turocy (Marie Salle and other roles), Keith Michael, Carlos Fittante, Rebecca Salzer, John Butterfield, Rai Anne Ivey, Jason Britton, Nicole Lee, Misa Tsuruta, Letizia Dradi, Rachel List, Karen Woods.Original American tour of 1971 arranged by Mel Howard and Ninon Tallon Karlweis. With the camera serving as an unobtrusive presence, the work gathers momentum as it reaches the climax of performance. Filmed within the Hassidic community, we are treated to beautiful Hassidic melodies as sung in prayer, at celebrations and at many other significant events in the day to day life of Hassidic Jews. Laurent, who took their talents outside the "Ball" community successfully and opened many doors for their community. Music played by Concert Royal: James Richman (harpsichord), Sandra Miller (flute), Cynthia Roberts (violin), Alyssa Pava (cello).Following an introduction by Gregory Hines, integrates interviews and performances by veteran tap dancers Steve Condos, Chuck Green, and Jimmy Slyde in this celebration of jazz tap dancing. Waltz : Irene Castle at the world's fair; Adagio : may I have the next trance With you? Contents: Demonstration dance: "The Entre by Apollo" (Kenneth Pierce) -- Esoterica Balletica (Dan Wagoner). Dancers discuss and perform contact improvisation, modern and aerial dance. Supplementary short issued with: The Adventures of young Indiana Jones. Performed by David Zambrano and Mat Woorter, with appearances by Dietmar Diesner, Pepe Ferrer, Simone Forti, Jennifer Monson, Alex Rendon, Judith Sanchez. Presented at the International Latino Film Festival held in the San Francisco Bay Area. 30 min.): Documentary on the making of the show, from its inception to opening night, as seen through the eyes of its creative staff, performers and others. Music heard and danced to was" "Victory Waltz," "Darktown Strutter's Ball," "Mi Hijo," "Lamento Esclavo," "Dengosa" and "Jeepers Creepers." Directed by Jean Negulesco. Special lighting effects reveal striking, multimedia visual patterns. DVD X1806 Chute: "Edit of the first Contact Improvisation demonstrations/installation in N. Soft pallet: Performers, Annette La Roque, David Woodberry, Steve Paxton, Mary Fulkerson, Nancy Stark Smith, Danny Lepkoff. In Burst, a couple's intimate dance in the bedroom is interrupted by a sudden and unexpected burst water pipe; the water may be cool, but this couple burns up the screen. Folk dances that stem from religious ritual where angels and people danced to glorify God. This program examines the male and female roles in dancing in three different societies: USA, Morocco, and Cook Islands of Polynesia. Imperial families nurtured court dance as an art form during peacetime. This program examines the heritage that enslaved Africans brought to North and South America via dance. This program presents the history of choreography based on the creativity of Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Directed by Frances Mc Elroy & Mara Teresa Rodrguez. of Anthropology and the Bureau of Applied Social Research at Columbia University. The event is inspired by Nine Evenings: Theater & Engineering, seminal 1966 performance pieces instigated by artist Robert Rauschenberg and featuring such artistic and technological luminaries as John Cage, Yvonne Rainer, Frank Stella, Steve Paxton, Deborah Hay and Meredith Monk, among others. Collegiate Shag; 200,000 Jitterbugs go slap happy at Swing Jamboree; Beach resort has new slant on Jitterbug; A dizzy round of Jitterbug and Jive hits the big town; Lindy Hop : Harvest Moon Ball; Lindy Hop/Jitterbug Jive : New York City; Lindy Hop : Harvest Moon Ball; Lindy Hop : Harvest Time in Rhythm; Lindy Hop : newsreel -- 1939-1948 : from romantic dance to acrobatic classics. DVD 2162; also VHS Video/C 3552 Host: Celia Ipiotis; interviewee: Catherine Turocy. Video/C 4018 Demonstration dances: Contact improvisational piece (N. Salz) -- Excerpt from Paul Taylor Dance commercial -- "Esoterica Balletica": Commentary on contact improvisational dance (Elizabeth Zimmer). Authentic Renaissance court dances and the gestures and step vocabulary associated with them are demonstrated and described by noted dance historian and musicologist Julia Sutton from dance manuals of the16th century Itaian masters Fabritio Caroso and Cesare Negri. Recorded by Educational Technology Services, University of California, Berkeley on February 22, 2005. Video/C MM489 A ballet dancer demonstrates the movements of each ballet exercise accompanied by commentary from the instructor about what techniques each exercise is designed to develop. Contents: Barre exercises -- plies -- tendus from 1st -- tendus from 5th -- pas de cheval -- decages -- Ronds de jambe -- frappes -- fondus -- stretch exercises -- developpes -- grand battements -- center exercises -- coordination -- adacio -- pirouettes -- small jumps -- petit allegro (slow tempo) -- petit allegro (fast tempo) -- pique turns -- grand allegro -- ending combination -- reverence. Includes interviews and commentary by faculty, advanced students of the Academy, and academics. DVD X234 A ballet dancer demonstrates the movements of each ballet exercise accompanied by commentary from the instructor defining the terms and techniques of each exercise. Contents: Plies -- tendus from 1st -- tendus from 3rd -- pas de cheval -- degages -- Rond de jambe (a terre en l'air) -- fondu -- frappe -- developpe -- grand battement -- positions of feet and arms -- clissade -- pas de bourree -- chasse -- pas de basque -- changement -- echappe -- sissonne -- jete -- pas de chat -- ballonne -- assemble -- pirouette -- pique turns and soutenu -- chasse -- grand jete. The raw material of hundreds and hundreds of photographs was edited to create a story and dream-like movement. Video/C MM1255 Explores the non-traditional modern dance trends through interviews with and excerpts from the work of choreographers Trisha Brown, David Gordon, Steve Paxton, Yvonne Rainier and Kei Takei. Intercuts rehearsals of the work, views of Toulouse-Lautrec's paintings and graphics, and old photographs depicting Lautrec's life, visual style and philosophy. Bonus materials: "Burn the floor: a breathtaking journey" (ca. DVD 7291 The dance-team of Veloz and Yolanda recreate their versions of various dances covering about three decades of the 20th century including the tango, the Charleston, black-bottom, jitterbugging and the rhumba. Included on DVD 6275 Features music and culture of Mexican-Americans living in southern Texas, showing food preparation, family life, dances, fieldwork,and other social activities. Spontaneous and choreographed movement work in tandem with animated costumes, props and backdrops to enhance the club dynamic. Peripheral vision: Performers, Steve Christiansen, Steve Paxton, Nita Little, Nancy Stark Smith, Karen Radler ; commentary, Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith, Steve Christiansen. Performers, Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith, Kirstie Simson, David Appel, Peter Ryan, Alan Ptashek, Robin Feld. Dancers who began their careers in the 1930's and 1940's discuss promotion of social and political comment through dance. Contents: Reines d'un jour (Switzerland ; Pascal Magnin) -- Measure (USA ; Gaelen Hanson, Danya Hanson) -- Rest in peace (Netherlands/UK ; Annick Vroom) -- Village trilogy (Canada ; Laura Taler) -- Cornered (Canada ; Michael Downing) -- Contrecoup (Switzerland ; Pascal Magnin). Boy, considered a dance film classic, turns an ordinary boy into a superhero as he moves with stealth and grace through a dramatic coastal landscape, responding to this empty universe, manipulating it and conjuring up his own imaginary world. This program examines the work of ballet legend Jacques D'Amboise at his N. Examples include Hindu dances in India, Yoruba dances in Nigeria, Christian church dances in Europe. 4 This program examines court dances in several different societies: England, Japan, Ghana, Java, France, and Russia. Canada and the United States (Canada: Francophone traditions; Canada: Native and Anglophonetraditions; USA: African American Secular traditions) ()-- v. The United States: European traditions in the New World () -- v. Presented at the International Latino Film Festival held in the San Francisco Bay Area. Video/C MM1277 Film presents the lives of three Cambodian-American teenagers who come of age in the United States while holding on to some aspects of their Cambodian culture such as Cambodian dance. Performers: Mia Babalis, Peggy Baker, Kathy Casey, Michael Moschen, michael Schwartz. Originally produced in 1977 by the Choreometrics Project, located at the Dept. Video/C MM895 Directed by Lisa Wymore of UC Berkeleys Department of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies (TDPS), Panorama, will use large and smallscale projections juxtaposed with live dance, robotic cameras and tele-immersion and audio technologies to draw audience members to participate in the performance at any time.

Dance marathon newsreels; 8 couples remain in grueling 3 month dancing marathon; Exhausted couples drag fatigued feet in endurance walk; Tired couples totter on feet over 2,500 hours; Endurance dancers still seek record after 5 months; Lambeth Walk; Waltz : New York City; Waltz, Rumba, Mambo : Harvest Moon Ball; New style Rhumba makes a hit with winter tourists; Susie Q basics; Big Apple basics; Big Apple dance: a Tarheel stomp agitates country; From the Minuet to the Big Apple; Big Apple: keep punching;. Video/C 4019 Demonstration of steps -- A dance for two: So Ben Mi Chi Ha Buon Tempo (I Know Who is Having a Good Time) -- A dance for three: Allegrezza d'Amore (The Joys of Love) -- A ance for four couples: La Caccia d'Amore (The Hunt of Love). Video/C 2022 A lecture by Joan Acocella, senior critic for Dance Magazine and dance critic for the New Yorker concerning the representation of the female body and sexuality in ballet. Video/C 5585 Looks at the rigorous education of students at the prestigious School of American Ballet in New York City, interspersed with archival film footage of the history of the development of a ballet as an art form. Video/C 5586 An introduction to the social and theatrical dancing of the baroque period, a high point of stylistic richness and excellence in the history of Western dance. Originally produced in 1977; sponsored by the Dept. The film is both an impressionistic portrait of a contemporary dance artist and a meditation on movement of the body, through dancing and traveling. DVD 2340; also VHS Video/C 975 Documents the development of a multimedia dance theater work, based on the life and work of Toulouse-Lautrec, choreographed by Linda Fowler at UCLA. It takes the viewer on a roller coaster ride from the elegance and beauty of its opening waltz through the emotion and heat of "Passionata" to the cool sexy modern beats of the contemporary finale, "Would you like to dance with me." Feature presentation (ca. Chapters: 1, Opening titles -- 2, Fantasy waltz -- 3, Urban heat -- 4, Jump, jive and wail -- 5, Boogie woogie bugle boy -- 6, Sing, sing, sing -- 7, Cheek to cheek -- 8, Top hat, white tie and tails -- 9, Passionata I -- 10, Passionata II -- 11, Passionata III -- 12, Finale (hot) -- 13, Finale (Jump, jive and wail) -- 14, End titles. DVD 3456; vhs Video/C 1304 This short film is a digital fusion of computer animation with Latin and hip-hop dance styles. Magnesium is often referred to as the seminal work for Contact Improvisation. Shows how the group, including Forrestine Pauley and Irmgard Bartenieff, analyzed dance films from all over the world and established a connection between patterns of movement and patterns of culture. Performers: Host: Celia Ipiotis and Barry Laine; interviewees: Anna Sokolow and Sophie Maslow. Video/C 4017 Presents award winning dance films from around the world selected from the Dance Camera West Festival held in 2002 in Los Angeles. DVD 1602 Contents: Boy / directed by Peter Anderson and Rosemary Lee ; performed by Tom Evans (6 min., UK) -- Burst / directed by Reynir Lyngdal ; choreographed by Katrin Hall ; performed by Kata Johnson and Elias Knudsen (5 min., Iceland) -- Cargo / directed and choreographed by Kelly Hargraves ; performed by Joe Jurd (4 min., Canada) -- Case studies from the Groat Center for Sleep Disorders / directed by Mitchell Rose ; choreographed by Ashley Roland/Jamey Hampton (Body Vox) ; performed by Mitchell Rose, Leslie Braverman, Eric Oglesbee, Ashley Roland, Jamey Hampton -- Horses never lie / directed by Kathi Prosser ; choreographed and performed by Caroline Richardson (5 min., Canada) -- Motion control / devised and choreographed by Liz Aggiss and Billy Cowie ; directed by David Anderson ; performed by Liz Aggiss (8 min., UK) -- The duchess / directed by Eric Koziol ; choreographed by Shinichi Iova-Koga ; performed by Cassandra Terman, Shinichi Iova-Koga, Paige Sorvillo, Leigh Evans, Tanya Calamoneri, Haruko Nishimura, Joshua Kohl, Allen Willner (15 min., US) . Includes interviews with Russian dancers, Indian gurus, American song-and-dance men, and other international dancers. This program examines the role of dance in religious ritual. Video/C 4499 Edited footage from Opera sportif, a ballet performed at the 2nd Leicester International Dance Festival on Apr. Mirror Dance is the story of two women forever linked by birth and dance but struggling to overcome a deep rift between sisters and nations alike. Three choreographies: the first is 5 men and 4 women passing yellow balls to eachother; the second is a man doing hand tricks with glass balls, glass sticks, fire; the third shows a man rollerskating in different directions. Video/C 4687Demonstrates palm presentation patterns used by dancers throughout the world and discusses the distribution of these patterns in various geographic regions as well as the correlation with subsistence cultures.

Let's do The Blackbottom; Charleston basics; Charleston and Blackbottom; Charleston in newsreels; Charleston dance contests; Charleston contests; Ballroom acrobats; Shimmy; Raggedy Ann, Tangolio; Kinkerjeu, Lindy Whirl, Yankee Prance; Old fashioned Waltz; Lindy Hop introduction; Lindy Hop -- 1930-1939+ : from dance marathons to Lindy Hop / Jitterbug contests. Video/C MM714 A film composed of a collection of black and white still photographs, taken over a period of 48 hours in Barcelona. Video/C MM803 Filmed at its World Premiere, and starring 44 of the world's champion ballroom and Latin dancers, this documentary film is an explosive journey through all types of competition dance. Fall after Newton: performers, Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith ; narration, Steve Paxton. Seven dancers perform various improvisatory dance movements and sequences before a live audience. DVD X6417 Introduces the work of Alan Lomax and his colleagues in developing choreometrics, a cross-cultural method of studying the relationship of dance style to social structure. DVD 8420 [preservation copy]; vhs Video/C 1137 Contents: Demonstration dances: "I ain't got no home in the world anymore" (Woodie Gutherie, composer) -- Balag in a popular style. Video/C 4498 Contents: African American sacred traditions: Take me to thewater/Glory, glory Hallelujah ; You got to move ; Rock-a-way ; Lay my burden down ; My mother's gone ; I belong to that unionband ; Roll Jordan roll ; Precious Lord ; My God called methis morning ; Jesus is all the world to me ; Can't nobody dome like Jesus ; European & other sacred traditions: Holo maipele mai Kahikina -- We are gathering at the river/God's notdead ; Beautiful hills of Galilee ; Lord, give me one more day; Mansion over a hilltop ; I'm working on a building. Includes a complete performance of "Marguerite and Armand" performed by Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev. Includes historical footage and fiddling and dancing performances. Once inserparable, their relationship deteriorated as one sister left for America while the other embraced the Cuban Revolution. DVD 4260 9 person precision ball passing / choreographed by Charles Moulton, performed by Mia Babalis, Peggy Baker, Kathy Casey...[et al.] (8 min.) -- Michael Moschen solos / performed by Michael Moschen (16 min.) -- Towards a minimal choreography / choreographed by Michael Moschen, performed by Michael Schwartz (1 min.).

Video/C MM394 "Excerpts from 'The American Chestnut' written and performed by Karen Finley; visual art and video by Karen Finley."--Closing credits. Charity Ball; Foxy Grandpa & Polly in a little hilarity; Cakewalk; Comedy Cakewalk; Comedy Cakewalk on beach; One step : Everybody's doin' it now; Comic Fox Trot with Mr. Sydney Drew; Airplane Waltz; Two Step; Irene and Vernon Castle : the whirl of life -- 1920-1929 : from the Blackbottom to the Lindy Hop. C., University of Rochester, Oberlin College, and Bennington College" Fall after Newton: "A sweeping look at 11 years of practice of Contact Improvisation by Nancy Stark Smith and initiator, Steve Paxton. shows one strand of the development of this mulifaceted duet dance form" Chute: performers, narration, Steve Paxton. Video/C 4497 Contents: Pop goes the weasel -- The lakes of Champlain -- Old Smokey -- John Brown's dream -- Chicken reel -- Square, hook &broom dances -- The wind that shakes the Barley (and others)-- Old grey mule -- Alabama jubilee -- Daybreak blues --Pickin' girl -- John Henry -- Cincinnati rag -- Black waters-- Marlboro cowboy -- The Jew in Jerusalem -- Kilakila 'o Eke-- Oh Madeleine -- J'ete au bal (I went to the ball) -- Chere Bassette -- Think of me once a day -- Fandango -- Polka &conjunto -- Voy a sacarme la espina (I'm gonna take the thornout of me) -- Soft rain -- Salsa. Besides the female dancers, the cast includes volunteer athletes from the community in their sports' uniforms, with choreography incorporating movements of their sports. Accompanies the Leicester International Dance Festival issue of Choreography and dance, vol. From mystical tales to mesmerizing music, Rebbes to Holocaust survivors, it reveals an insular world few outsiders have seen. In Pt.6 Fonteyn explores the dancer's life: the rigors of ballet class, the rehearsals, the preparation, the performance. Features interviews with fiddlers and dancers who share their recollections and discuss their art. Born identical twins, the sisters grew up to become acclaimed ballerinas with the National Ballet of Cuba.

Contents: 1897-1919 : from the Cakewalk to the Castle walk. Central and South America: Belize, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Guyana) () -- v. Central and South America: Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Venezuela (). Seven years in the making, this extraordinarily intimate film takes the viewer into the depths of the Hasidim's joyous, sometimes harsh, and often beautiful world. Michael Flatley takes to the stage in a stunning Celtic dance spectacular which re-tells Irish folk legend in a dazzling and updated style. In Pt.5 Fonteyn traces the ballet from its beginnings as courtly dance in the court of Louis XIV to the worldwide phenomenon of ballet today. Video/C 391 Film explores fiddling and step dancing representative of the mixed Native American and European culture which spread westward across Canada and northern United States with the French fur traders. Video/C MM725 Tells the story of Margarita and Ramona de Saá.

This dance retrospective spans the panorama from average Americans dancing in newsreels to top quality performers who have left a legacy of dance moves across the ballroom floor. Video/C 8880 A life apart relates the story of the creation of the Hasidic post-Holocaust communities in the United States with particular emphasis on New York City. Video/C 6020 Performer: Performers: Michael Flatley, Bernadette Flynn, Daire Nolan, Gillian Norris, Helen Egan, Anne Buckley; Lord of the Dance Orchestra ; conductor and orchestrator, Anne Dudley; the Lord of the Dance Troupe. Video/C 9365 Dame Margot Fonteyn offers a look at the world of ballet. Fonteyn explores dance from the dominance of the ballerina in the 1930's to theemergence of the great male dancers of the 1960's and the 1970's. explores the movement of dance across national frontiers from Italian and French dancers going to Russia in the 19th century to the coming of the Ballets Russes to Western Europe. looks at some of the pioneers in dance and choreography who have experimented with new styles and new forms. traces the Romantic ballet from the first ballerinas to dance on their toes through new dance styles to the revival of the romantic age early in the 20th century.

Video/C 6062 Includes 60 historical dance film clips from the first part of the 20th century in the United States, recording changing dance trends, expertise, and taste, and reflecting American culture through the years.

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