Josh farro and hayley williams admit to dating

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Josh farro and hayley williams admit to dating - Free Online

"I didn't say anything bad about them," Josh told Kerrang."I made sure it was very factual. I'll admit [the] statement was based on emotion."I was like, 'If they want the truth, I'll give them the truth.' I just feel that we, as band members, never got to vocalise our side of the story.It was all about Hayley." Josh and Hayley were dating for 3 years (2004-07), which must have made things a bit awkward in the band after they split up, you would think."It was weird more than anything," says Josh."We were good friends befoe that and people change. When asked if he missed Paramore, Josh was pretty frank about it."It's still fresh... I don't miss it one bit."That's just being completely honest."DRAMA. Josh is now working on music for his new project, Novel American, which he says is "Very liberating.""I think there are gonna be a few [PAramore fans] that will not like it just because they're mad about the Paramore thing and we can't change that."I think the plan right now is to record a five song EP, just to get the kids hyped and excited.

It's not like we're just writing songs to get on the radio and sell millions of records, we're just writing what we love and what sounds good."We're loving it."Here's a wee snipped of what they're working on... It was downloaded noneother than on Youtube, and I claim no part of making/recording/producing the song whatssoever.This is a video I made for my favorite couple Josh Farro and Hayley Williams known as Joshayley !I know they're not together anymore but i still love them very much and I know Josh and Zac aren't in Paramore anymore but still I'm their biggest fan!Please enjoy, subsribe, share, comment, rate and add me as a friend if you want to :) And a lot of you have been complaining about the song.I don't suspect you all to like it but some people do.

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Josh Farro doesn't seem to have any regrets about leaving Paramore with brother Zac Farro in December.

On December 18 last year, he released a statement saying why he wanted to leave the band, which basically said it was because Paramore was a whole load of manufactured-ness and the band was all about Hayley Williams.

I personally do not think they are dating, tho in my heart i wish they were because they would make a really cute couple.... And they never will, Josh said on their Dvd, 40 Days of Riot!

I think they may have dated before in the earlier years of Paramore but who knows!

Heyy guys, I was just wondering whether or not the two actually ever dated.