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Now one might think well they were there to watch their grand son right? Even after Dillion moved on to college they continued to support in traveling to so many away games and never missed a home stand.

Texas Colorado Mass New York Illinois Indiana Oregon California Russia Latvia Sweden Michigan Minnesota Louisiana etc. When they had good games and when they struggled they were there. But the love for our guys went well beyond games and well beyond ice hockey. Our Eels lost one of its family members and no doubt one of our most loyal fans and supporters: Marie Stock.Most of us knew her as “Grand Ma” Marie came to the Eels program over 3 years ago as the Grand Mother of Dillion Kaufman, who was a recruited played from Colorado.Dillion’s mom and dad were very excited as their son would be living with his grandparents while he played on our Florida Eels Junior team.When Marie and her husband Gerry came to the rink we saw all smiles.They came to every home game and actually traveled to Tampa to watch their grandson, they traveled to Palm Beach and the Space Coast as well.

We noticed that despite Dillion playing for the Empire team, Grand ma and Grand Pa were at the Elite games as well. The “Cow Bell” When ever the Eels scored or made a great play we heard the loud ring.

We often heard her loud yell at the referees when they made a bad call which was often. In fact Grand Ma and Grand Pa even traveled to Atlanta GA to Raleigh and Charlotte North Carolina and Potomac Washington.

In fact on numerous occasions they traveled to Boston Mass for the Eels showcases.

Moreover, Grand Ma and Grand Pa stepped up to a become billet host family to a number of our players.

There is no doubt how deeply and affectionately Grand Ma and Grad Pa effected their lives. Boy did she have a mile wide smile when the Eels USP3 team defeated the Blades last season. But when we lost she would be yelling we will get then back the next day.

The boys who lived there have been impacted for time memorial. They gave so much in unselfish generosity to those in need. She always reminded our coaches they are still only young boys. It was funny even the Referees loved them, smiling as they made their calls and seeing her agitated face. As you all heard by now, Grand Ma took a turn for the worst earlier this week.