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"Twenty years ago, I might have written a song like that -- I probably did.

Born Kenneth Arnold Chensey on 26th March, 1968 in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA and educated at Gibbs High School, Corryton, Tennessee, USA, he is famous for In My Wildest Dreams in a career that spans 1993–present. your songs hit home with most people because most of your fans have lived those lives that you sing about in your songs, so keep us entertained and listening you are a great person for bring smiles and warmth to all Americans!! I'm happy to see all the success he has had these past doing what you love and are good at! I had the pleasure of meeting Kenny twice and he is wonderful, very nice.Hello Kenny, there is something so special about you and your music. If you ever need a place to stay when your in Omaha, give us a call.... In recent years, Kenny Chesney has began to reveal layers of his personal life through his music.Songs from ‘Hemingway’s Whiskey,’ ‘Welcome to the Fishbowl’ and ‘Life on a Rock’ are his most personal and introspective to date, but he’s still somewhat of a private person, one who shuns social media in favor of retreats to the islands.

There are plenty of things even a superfan of the ‘Pirate Flag’ singer might not know.

fortunate after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City. How many of these 10 facts did you already know about the country superstar?

Everytime we go to see you we walk out with that same smile from ear to ear.

Hatless, shoeless and dressed in loose-fitting shorts and a faded Florida State University T-shirt, Kenny Chesney hardly looks like a poster boy for the reformation of so-called bro country.

But on this sweltering Tennessee afternoon, Chesney, 46, has decided to take aim at his fellow men in country music.

"Over the last several years, it seems like anytime anybody sings about a woman, she's in cutoff jeans, drinking and on a tailgate -- they objectify the hell out of them," he says.