Known problems updating zywall firmware

07-Jun-2016 05:36 by 9 Comments

Known problems updating zywall firmware - Free Online

Typical reasons, why a router fails with Vuze traffic, are related to the fact that bittorrent traffic (and other P2P solutions) burden your network infrastructure quite much.

Quicker hardware and improved features made the £50 outlay worthwhile.With the advent of this significant firmware release, it seems safe to say that v1.16 heralds a new era in the ever increasing capabilities of the CCGX and the VRM portal. The blog headline image above is of the primary or main CCGX page. Settings – Top of screen Settings – Bottom of screen System setup Wi-Fi VRM online portal New capabilities and devices As can be seen in the images above there is increased capability, plus support for a number of new devices such as Wi-Fi and Wireless AC Sensors.v1.16 for the Color Control GX (CCGX) went live earlier today. In fact some of you may have had a glimpse of the devices, apps and Assistants in development, if you were at METS. For now though, let’s look at this new CCGX firmware release. It is said that a picture paints a thousand words, so here are some example screenshots from the new release. We’ll cover such accessories in another blog later this week, along with some additional tips and suggestions.In the meantime, we’ll let you get familiar with the new firmware and the changes detailed below.CCGX firmware changelog from v1.15 to v1.16 How to update A Color Control which is connected to the internet, either via LAN/Ethernet or USB Wi-Fi, will automatically check for updates every day, at UTC.When new updates are found, it will automatically update itself.

If not connected to the internet, it can be updated with an SD-card.

See Victron Live for instructions: Color Control – how to update firmware with a USB-stick or SD-card Conclusion What can I say? I say that having been involved throughout the testing phase.

Now it is your turn to enjoy the benefits of this new firmware.

After getting my Mac the other week I switched on the Time Machine option within the NSA310.

Although the documentation for it stated a complex process for connecting the two up (although that documentation is now out of date – both the NAS firmware and version of OS X have moved on) I found that the NAS simply appeared in Time Machine. Unfortunately, it stopped after the first few gigabytes and, although listed under Finder, I found that I was unable to re-connect. I wrote about the above on the official Zy XEL forums but, after a few days, had heard nothing so I emailed Zy XEL customer services for assistance.

I thought this was a Mac problem but after signing onto my NAS via the web interface on my desktop PC (I’m not sure if you can that on a Mac) I realised there was something horribly wrong. After nearly an entire working week having heard nothing I queries this via their Twitter account and was promptly replied to (good that this worked, but I really shouldn’t have to chase them in this way to get a response).