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Latest dating site in ukraine - Sex Chat

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And she is probably some old doggy-looking scum-bag who has a computer and Internet service.Note that Irina's email addy is the same as the Director of the "Karina" agency lol.What a way to scrounge a buck from the Americanski's. Guys like me just want to meet a simple, good-looking mate for life and we have to dodge bullets doing it.I wish that Interpol or some police agency would put these people away, or at least their own government tax them on the cashed Western Union checks. David (USA) Report N2 (added on April, 12, 2005) She contacted me through absolute agency and did not answer any questions and after five letters i get mail from someone wanting money for translation service.Joe (USA) Report N3 (added on April, 12, 2005) After a little more than two weeks worth of e-mail correspondence (every day or two), I received a notice requesting payment to a translation service to continue my letters to Irina.The bank wire transfer information for both US dollars and Euros in copied below from one of her letters.

BEGINNING OF COPIED LETTER: " Dear Sir, Thank you for using our service and keeping in touch with us.

We do not know, whether it is more suitable for you to payment in USA dollars or in EUR.

It should be noted that this scammer did not even have the foresight to send me the notice from a different e-mal address than she had been using all along.

It was only after several messages back and forth (so that I could gain her private info to supposedly send money) that she changed the address to [email protected] coincide with the translation services company name of KARINA.

After repeated attempts to get her to answer my previously asked questions and find out her surname, I received the first letter from KARINA.

I was able to garner some info regarding who to send the money to (this was to be the manager of KARINA).